How do I find programming project jobs

Are you looking for a competent programmer for your team or your company? Or do you need some adjustments and new features on the website? Our free job and order exchange for developers offers the ideal platform for your goals and projects. Regardless of whether experts in permanent employment, as hourly support, students or on the basis of project-based work.

Looking for a programmer in permanent position?

No problem! Advertise vacant positions for developers and network specialists of all kinds and all programming languages ​​here free of charge and without obligation. In contrast to many other job exchanges, is largely financed through advertising. The posting of advertisements is therefore free of charge, with just a few clicks and without creating a profile. HR managers and headhunters can advertise vacant jobs directly and easily.

Freelancer for smaller programming tasks

For most website operators and smaller companies, permanent developer positions are usually unnecessary or unaffordable. Many problems, bug fixes or new features can be implemented ideally with external, independent programmers. Either on the basis of an agreed project price or on an hourly basis. But how do you find such specialists at fair prices? This is where our platform comes into play. Suitable candidates can be found by placing a free ad. Simply describe the problem and / or requirements and off you go!

Freelancer for new web projects

Do you have the idea for a lucrative website, but no programming skills? Our specialized job and assignment platform helps to find suitable programmers for your project. Regardless of the language (e.g. C ++, PHP, Java, .NET, Perl) and for any platform (Windows, Linux, web, app, etc.). This means that new applications can be implemented without a large budget.

Looking for a student as a programmer?

Student programmers on a EUR 450 basis or with a trade license are extremely popular. On the one hand, young people can finance their studies on the side. On the other hand, smaller companies and startups can find inexpensive but competent support for programming work of all kinds. Of course, students can also offer and advertise their services with us - as usual free of charge. supports everyone in their search for suitable programmers. Apply now for existing vacancies or advertise yourself! If you have any questions about our offer, Mr. Schöne is available at any time by email.