How do I restart my Nintendo Switch?

Reset Nintendo Switch to factory settings - that's how it works

We show how you can reset the Nintendo Switch to factory settings. The reset function is useful if you want to resell the switch, for example. Even if you rent it to friends or if you just want to clean up countless apps, games (or your own data) and more from the Switch, a hard cut is a good idea. This article will tell you what your options are and how it works. You can "freshly set up" the switches either with or without loss of data.

Option 1: reset Nintendo Switch to factory settings [all data gone]

Make sure you are online. This is the only way to de-register the respective console as an active device for downloads in your Nintendo Account. If there is an active connection, select the following items one after the other in the Home menu: System settings, Console, Formatting options and finally to "Reset to factory settings". Follow the instructions to initialize the console.

Option 2. Reset Nintendo Switch to factory settings [without data loss]

The second option leaves save data, screenshots and user information. These are the account link and the activation of the console for downloads at Nintendo. However, data stored on an SD card will be deleted. You should save these beforehand if necessary. Then we have to turn off the switch. Start it again by simultaneously (!) Pressing the power and the two volume buttons. The switch boots up and offers you the option "Reset console without deleting memory data". Select it and follow the instructions.

Your system will then be in a “fresh” state with no ballast - except of course for your saved games, screenshots and more if you use option 2. With option 1, the switch will behave exactly as it did when you bought it. Also read our tips on how to charge your Nintendo Switch controller and take care of the battery.

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