The sweating burns off belly fat

Does sweating help you lose weight? That's what experts say

Infrared sauna and Bikram yoga

When it comes to activities that make you sweat, such as a visit to the infrared sauna or Bikram yoga, the experts advise caution: "Exercising in the heat can help you burn more calories because your body works hard to cool down, but it can easily lead to dehydration, "says Nagel.

"If you are sitting in a sauna or sweating in Bikram Yoga, then you should drink water before, during and after your sweating session."

Get used to summer workouts slowly

If you train outside in the summer, the expert recommends increasing the intensity of your workout gradually, as it takes about seven to ten days to get used to the heat.

"Wear well-ventilated clothing, watch the heat index, drink plenty of water and make sure that the training is fun," says Nagel.

Lose weight by sweating?

"The only way to lose weight when you sweat is by losing water," explains Kerkenbush. "True weight loss would be reducing body fat by using more calories than you are consuming, usually through a combination of proper diet and exercise," she adds.

Since sweating is the body's cooling mechanism, she said that excessive sweating doesn't really help you lose weight in the long run. "A healthy weight loss is about a pound a week," she added.

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