Can cannabis be used to treat depression

Depression & medical cannabis on prescription

What does depression actually mean? (Cannabis)

Depression is onemental illness in the foreground agloomy mood, adecreased drive, aLoss of interest asJoylessness stand. These are not temporary lows in mood that arise as a reaction to a specific problem, but rather a persistent mood of depression from which those affected can usually no longer free themselves.

Causes & Symptoms of Depression

The causes of depression can usually not point to onesingle triggerto be led back. Rather, depression develops from different influences. In some cases they also occur independentlyexternal circumstances on.

As a rule, the first signs of depression appear in the form of constant fatigue and a lack of drive and power. Other characteristic signs are discouragement, joylessness and the feeling that you can no longer feel anything. Everything appears to those affectedmeaningless and even the simplest everyday activities are calledexhausting felt.
If you have two or more of the above symptomsover two weeks long, so is spoken of a depression. In addition, depression can affect manyother complaintssuch as headaches, insomnia, dizziness, loss of appetite, circulatory problems and difficulty concentrating.

Since theSigns When depression varies from person to person, it is not easy to diagnose a depressive illness. It is assumed that more than60 percent of those affected are not treated.

The diagnosis includes a detailedAnamnesis interview with the patient, in which the biographical as well as the healthprehistory is queried by the doctor. Also the present onelife situation and the depressedMood is asked. Once the diagnosis of depression has been made, it is usually apsychotherapy recommended. In addition to psychotherapy, aBehavior therapy be useful. Serious illness can also be part of the treatmentAntidepressants can be used. A therapy alternative or supplement can be used in the form of occupational therapy or exercise therapy.

Depression and medical cannabis by prescription

Cannabis as medicine has been used to treat depression for many centuries. Today studies prove thatantidepressant effect the cannabinoids from the hemp plant. In particular, the cannabinoid delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) has proven to be helpful here. In some clinical studies that examined the effects of cannabis on various diseases, themood-enhancing side effectof THC.

In addition to the cannabinoid THC, the cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD) from the hemp plant into the focus of science. A recent study from 2016 shows that CBD is afast acting agent against depression. However, the usual needAntidepressants usually up to four weeks before they take effect. Although cannabinoid drugs and antidepressants cannot replace psychotherapy, the cannabinoids THC and CBD could be a natural alternative without those known for antidepressantssevere side effects be.


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