What gift changed your life forever

Strengthened from the crisis: How the Corona crisis is changing our gift culture

The year 2020 has us all firmly under control: The Corona crisis not only brings the global economy to its knees temporarily, but also public life and the social togetherness is not the same for many months. Measures like "Social distancing“Limit the conventional freedom of movement of people heavily to reduce further infections. Especially in times like these, we learn again things that we have taken for granted to re-appreciate and us to the Little things of life too delight.

Attentions like spontaneous phone calls, video calls and small gifts help in this difficult time especially that physical distance to reduce to friends, family and work colleagues. Especially Gifts are used as Communication tool used to love, appreciation and affection without direct body proximity to submit. Just like the Corona health crisis ours Gift culture influences has and how you despite social distancing your loved one nice gift for any occasion you can find out in the following article.