What do roller coaster plans look like

Belantis makers show their plans exclusively in BILDThis is how we tinker a roller coaster

Leipzig - Anyone can simply choose, order and have it delivered.

The new, three million euro family roller coaster for “Belantis”, on the other hand, will be a lovingly designed one-off production.

The many details have been a well-kept secret so far. But BILD was now allowed to look exclusively into the architect's plans!

Car, entrance, waiting area - this is how it is "Cobra of Amun Ra" look!

The train roller coaster will not only cause flying hair and a lot of screaming, it will also be an extraordinarily colorful piece of jewelry.

“In the 'Valley of the Pharaohs', right next to the pyramid, you go to the temple,” explains architect Rüdiger Renno (52). “There are wall paintings based on ancient Egypt everywhere. The path climbs 2.20 meters, meanders over a bridge into the waiting room. It's getting darker and darker. One has the impression of entering the Holy of Holies. At the end there is the entry area to the twelve cars. "

The 360 ​​meter rails are up to 16 meters high.

The roller coaster is fast up to 50 km / h. With you are allowed to ride from one meter height and an age of four years.

Belantis boss Erwin Linnenbach (54): "Exactly the attraction that we were still missing to be even more attractive for families!"

The train and waiting hall should be ready by summer. After the season, a large terrace will be built right between the pyramid and the cobra - with the best view of the other visitors!

And there is a lot to see there. Because in the roller coaster alone, 750 passengers per hour will scream with joy.

PS: By the way, on Sunday (April 19th) the trip to Belantis is not worth it. The amusement park is already completely sold out on this day.

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