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Fast Weight Loss Through Self-Hypnosis, Meditation & Affirmations (MP3 Download)

▪ Traditional diet methods and strict abstinence do not bring you the desired results? ▪ Are you frustrated and finally want to find a better way to burn excess fat and lose weight naturally? ▪ Would you also like to sleep better, reduce stress and overcome fears in your daily life? You have finally found the solution that will allow you to achieve all of this. When you purchase this audiobook, you will learn how to get results using only the power of your mind. You don't need a binding gym membership. You don't have to eat exotic and hard-to-find foods. You no longer have to feel frustrated or helpless. Self-hypnosis, meditations & affirmations offer a wonderful opportunity to anchor the decisive impulses in your head. The subconscious is specifically and sustainably "programmed" for a healthy diet and restful sleep. The hunger for excessive and unhealthy food disappears and nutrition takes place more consciously again. WHAT YOU GET: Chapter 1: Introduction to affirmations Chapter 2 - 9: Repeat and get slim: 111 magical affirmations for reliable weight loss (86 min.) Chapter 10: Introduction to hypnosis Chapter 11: Sleep hypnosis I ("Lose weight with ease") for use in the evening (57 min.) Chapter 12: Fall asleep Hypnosis I II ("Forgetting to Eat") for use in the evening (45 min.) by leading hypnosis specialists together with bestselling author Patrick Lynen (known from ARD , ZDF, RTL, VOX, ORF, SRF)) developed applications produce a long-lasting effect, as they cleverly bypass our critical mind. During the sessions, you will come across subliminal information that will help you build new healthy habits and beliefs. Change your body and your life for the better today. You have all the tools you need to do this. And so, with the help of these self-hypnoses, meditations & affirmations, you will fall asleep peacefully in the evening and continuously lose weight in a healthy way until your desired weight is reached. Can't wait to listen to this audiobook? Then click on the "Buy" button now and benefit from the applications that have been tried and tested a thousand times over today! ******* IMPORTANT NOTES (please read carefully): ➡️For the best possible effect, you should use the program for at least 21 days in a row. ➡️Start in the evening before going to sleep (!) With one of the two hypnoses alternating daily (track 11 & 12). ➡️In the morning after getting up or on the way to work, please listen to a chapter of the affirmations every day (tracks 2 to 9). ➡️We recommend the use of headphones, as the audios combine numerous acoustic levels that further intensify the intended effect. *******

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  • Release Date: January 10, 2021
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