What episode does Natsu think Lucy died

Dead people stay dead - it s ...

Makarov entered the guild with a somber aura.

"Listen up, everyone!" He shouted. All faces turned to him, some normal, others sad.

"I know the anniversary of Lucy's death is today, but we all have to defeat a dark guild together before it gets the upper hand. I want everyone to be in teams of about two to take care of themselves."

A nod from everyone, then a big mess when everyone got together in groups: Gajeel, Levy and Lily, Gray and Juvia, Jet and Droit, Erza and Mystogan, Elfman and Evergreen (they had finally admitted they were together) , Al and Bisca, Cana and Gildarts, Wendy, Carla and Romeo, and so on.

Only Natsu ended up sitting alone at his table and drinking from a mug.

"Oi, Natsu. Finally find a partner, then we can go!" Gajeel shouted.

With a jerk, Natsu rose. "I don't need a partner because I won't come with you at all. Lucy died today, so I won't fight."


"NO!!" With a wave of his hand, Natsu swept his mug off the table. There was a silence. He had contradicted Makarov.

"Natsu. I know you are in pain. We are all sad. But life goes on." Natsu shot him a deathly look. "Maybe it helps that this guild all those years ago" - "Three," growled Natsu - "killed Lucy."

For a moment, Natsu stared at Master in disbelief. Then he said, "I'm with you, Gramps."

"Do we want to form a team, Natsu? Like the old days?" Lisanna asked.

"If it has to be", Natsu muttered, then he said louder: "What are we waiting for ?!"


The fight was tough.

Angry, Natsu struck here and there, but new ones kept coming.

The battle had been going on for half an hour by the time Fairy Tail stormed the dark guild's guild hall, and people were already incapacitated on both sides. Cana wasn't fighting anymore, Romeo was trying not to pass out, Makao was passed out and Wendy tried to heal everyone as quickly as possible.

Slowly but surely, the Fairy Tail members ran out of breath. They defended that they would attack instead and just tried not to die.

Then Natsu was cornered. He was standing with his back to a rock fighting a magician when Erza yelled, "Natsu, BEHIND YOU !!"

But it was already too late. The magician upstairs, Natsu had mentally named him Magician 2, began to launch his shadow magic bomb. Is that now?Natsu wondered. Am I going to die here on Lucy's death anniversary, killed by Lucy's murderers?

Then a flash of light was fired. "Loki!" Gray exclaimed in surprise.

The battlefield fell silent. Everyone saw it, everyone stopped fighting. Fairy Tail members were too amazed that Loki was there to fight, and Dark Guild members too surprised that Fairy Tail had stopped fighting to keep fighting.

"Open the bull's gate, Taurus!" Someone shouted.

Taurus started beating people up when the voice called out another order that was drowned out in the battle screams.

Shortly thereafter, Sagitarius' arrows shot through the battle scene and hit with incredible accuracy.

Then Scorpio appeared, followed closely by Aries. Four stellar spirits were there now and Natsu stopped moving.

He wasn't dead, of course, just shocked. It wasn't just some stellar spirits, it was Lucy's Stellar spirits. But Lucy was dead. So who was using her ghosts?

"Huh. Just arrived on time. That's what I call a good performance, what do you say, Loki?"

"I agree with you on all points, Lucy. But I think fighting is more important right now."

Lucy smiled. "You're right. Everyone: Attack !! Fight for Fairy Tail !!"

Everyone started cheering and fighting, but Natsu still just stood there and stared up at the girl who had been his best friend and teammate so long ago. But she was dead !!

"LUCY!" Yelled Natsu and fought his way to her.

"Hey Natsu. Long time no see, huh?" She smiled her brilliant smile. It occurred to Natsu that Lucy had never looked so beautiful as she did at that moment.


Sighing, they all fell to the rock or the ground as the enemy guild took off.

"Damn it, the fight was tough," Gray grumbled and Natsu nodded grimly. His expression changed when Lucy held out a water bottle to him.

She had sent her stellar spirits back, but at least she had four called at the same time. Her magical power had to be very great.

Natsu took a sip and thought. Suddenly he jumped up. "WHERE WERE YOU FOR THREE YEARS ???"

Startled, everyone looked around at him. A few people hadn't noticed that Lucy was back or they hadn't yet realized it, like Levy, Erza and Wendy, who now fell stormily around her neck.

"SO ?!", Natsu asked, relatively angry. [Small understatement. I meant of course very angry.]

"Don't know", Lucy replied contrite, the pack had meanwhile let go of her.

Natsu was silent for a minute, and everyone was expecting an outburst of anger, a strange dance, or something happy, but no one thought Natsu would hug Lucy. And certainly not like that.

He was clinging to her, resting his head on her shoulder, and sobbing. The tears flowed faster and faster, and Natsu didn't bother to wipe them away.

"I missed you so much, Luce. The world is not the same without you. And the jobs are only half as fun," he said in a hoarse voice.

Gray laughed and Levy smiled slightly while Lucy had no idea what was going on.

"He looked really bad after you died. He hasn't had any fun in life for the past three years, he hasn't even knocked out with Gray. And every year, on your birthday and the day you died, he got drunk and did told the strangest things. But that he misses you could be heard in every one of his drunken sentences. " Erza smiled gently and ruffled Natsu's hair. "The poor guy. We all missed you a lot."

Lucy's face lit up with a smile before bowing her head and starting to whisper something in Natsu's ear that the others didn't understand.

[Because I love you, I tell you: =)]

Natsu Dragneel.

I missed you too. I remember waking up maybe an hour ago to someone calling my name. And that was you.

I.The whole time I was swimming around in a void, only light, devoid of any substance. My only thoughts were, 'What's the point of this? Can't I just die? '

But then I heard your voice coming out of nowhere. You just called my name. And suddenly I didn't want to die anymore, I wanted to Life. I wanted back to my light, too to you.

I'm here now, Natsu. Stop crying.

Natsu wiped away his tears. "You're right," he said, straightening up. Everyone else stared at her curiously. They really wanted to know what Lucy said, but neither of them would.

"What are you two doing?", Asked an angry Lisanna.

"Why?" Lucy just wanted to know bitchily.

"Because otherwise you should keep your paws off my friend!" Lisanna snapped back.

Lucy looked like she'd been hit in the stomach. "Oh, that's how it is," she said softly. "I'm sorry then. Bye Natsu. I'm going somewhere else, as I'm not welcome here."

Natsu wanted to stop her when she got up to leave, but Lisanna got ahead of him. "Yeah, just go away, you arrogant goat. Nobody here has missed you."

Lucy turned and started running away. She only made it to the nearest forest before breaking down crying and throwing up.

Erza, Levy, and Wendy had followed her.

"Why didn't you say anything?" Lucy asked, leaning against a tree trunk.

"Well, it's like ..." Levy began.


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