How difficult is business informatics

Business informatics too difficult?

Business informatics too difficult?
I will finish my training as an IT systems clerk in the summer and then catch up on my technical diploma. Then I have the opportunity to study business informatics at DTAG.
That appeals to me a lot, because I stay in the company, get a good salary, etc.
but I was never good at math and in my training I often had very big problems with programming.
Would you still recommend that I start business informatics or look elsewhere?

Re: Business Informatics Too Difficult?
Hi butterstulle93,
I don't know you, so I can't tell if you can do it.
You could of course also study potato cultivation, since you have nothing to do with math and programming. The only question is whether you care too.
So, honestly, what is this question about? If you really intend to study BISE, you have to learn accordingly, then you can do it too. They only cook with water there.
Re: Business Informatics Too Difficult?
So I'm just a little afraid that topics will come where learning is no longer enough, but where logic is what matters. This is how it should be in computer science studies, so understand or not understand. I'm better at memorizing.
Children's noise  📅 06.03.2013 19:50:34
Re: Business Informatics Too Difficult?
Well, in the end, the university is not a primary school. Anyone can memorize it, of course you have to be able to understand it and apply it, this will be the case in every study. The time of memorizing is largely over.
Lakim  📅 06.03.2013 20:49:58
Re: Business Informatics Too Difficult?
Well, if you can get your technical diploma then studying with a little hard work shouldn't be a problem either. Don't worry and try to get your high school diploma first. Business informatics is not as heavy on math as e.g. Computer science or an engineering degree.
I can at least put you off a bit. One of the worst classmates back then (at least when it comes to math and physics) is now also studying BISE and is doing quite well. Just get started. As long as you have the will to go through with your studies, it will.
Re: Business Informatics Too Difficult?
Thank you, you've already encouraged me. I just thought that it was similar to studying physics or electrical engineering, namely, those are courses where I definitely know that I would no longer see a country there, no matter how much I learn.
Then I'll try it
EAPoe  📅 07.03.2013 01:08:54
Re: Business Informatics Too Difficult?
I'm studying business informatics and if you don't feel like programming, you better leave it ^^
Re: Business Informatics Too Difficult?
@EAPoe: Is the amount of programming very high? In our apprenticeship we only had object-oriented programming and Java.
namelessOne  📅 07.03.2013 08:57:23
Re: Business Informatics Too Difficult?
So what I hear from the BISE graduates, the proportion of software engineering has actually increased a lot everywhere. At the FH, of course, much more than at the universities. But since you are doing a dual course of study, the practical component and thus the proportion of software engineering will be relatively high. So that means a lot of programming. Programming in itself can be quite a trivial activity. Implementing concepts or developing and understanding suitable algorithms are actually more of the crux of the matter.
Re: Business Informatics Too Difficult?
So if you don't like math and programming that much, I would prefer to skip your studies (with your education you won't have to gnaw on your hunger either). You won't get very far with memorization. To be precise, in BISE you hardly do anything other than think logically and mathematically, as well as programming. And a bit of Java is not enough, in a degree you are required to learn more than one programming language and at least with me at the university the Winfs were able to acquire a new programming language within 2 weeks (not only at pocket calculator level ).

What do you particularly enjoy in your apprenticeship? Then we might be able to tell you sooner whether and which degree program might suit you. If you bz.B. If you prefer the hardware, something like information technology would also come into question. But even there you will have to do maths and program. By the way, especially in math, you can't get around in any technical degree (and even non-inf subjects often have to at least grapple with stuff ala Matlab).
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