When did you first have sex?

The first time: It is a very exciting topic for every girl and boy - understandable, because there are so many questions that have not yet been answered. "How does sex feel?" And "How exactly does sex work?". The expectations of the first sex are often very high. It should be romantic and beautiful. But you'd better not expose yourself to this pressure. Because there is no exact recipe for what the perfect sex looks like.

You have been with your boyfriend for some time, you like to kiss and cuddle with each other and are both comfortable? This is great and shows that you love each other very much and trust each other.

It's your decision!

1. When do you want to have sex for the first time?

You are somewhat concerned about the thought of having sex and you want to wait a little longer? OK then! You must never forget that you are the one who decides when you want to have sex. Sexual intercourse is not the most important thing in a good and happy relationship. Don't forget that. If you do decide to have sex with your boyfriend now, we recommend that you first think carefully about why you want to sleep with him. Are you just doing him a favor? Are you afraid that otherwise he will leave you for someone else? When making this decision, please never forget that you can talk to your friend about it openly. Couples make this important decision together. If you're not ready for your first time, he'll have to accept and respect it. If he doesn't, he wasn't right for you anyway!

2. Don't let others influence you!

No matter who in your circle of friends has already had sex or what is reported in the media. Never let others mislead you into having your first time because you feel compelled to get it over with. Don't believe anyone who says he or she has already had sex. By the way, some only say it to be “cool”. But it's way cooler to wait for the right time and for the right person.It's your body and your choice. It also increases your self-confidence when you stand by your own opinion. If you feel cornered by friends, your friends are probably not true friends.

3. Speak honestly and openly

In a relationship that is going well, honesty and speaking openly about feelings, fears and worries is what defines you as lovers. If something is bothering you, speak openly about it with your friend. It is always important to be able to trust your friend!

How do I know if I am ready for this?

Do you feel totally safe around him and are not afraid to try something new with your boyfriend? Are you like best friends and can you talk openly and honestly about everything? It couldn't be better! Your friend fully understands everything you confide in him and shares your opinion. Has he already mentioned on his own that he gives you all the time in the world and doesn't want to press you into a decision? Great, that's how it should be. Before you have sex with each other for the first time, there are a few things to consider. Sex isn't just about fun. Safety also plays a very important role here.

You should definitely pay attention to this the first time

Contraception is an important topic to discuss with your friend. Are you already taking the pill? Very good! Nevertheless, it is not sufficient as the sole contraceptive. The pill protects you against unwanted pregnancy, but not against sexually transmitted diseases.

By the way, we recommend that you go to the gynecologist beforehand and get vaccinated against cervical cancer.