What is a Google Drive Document

Internet What is Google Drive?


If you have a Google account or a smartphone, you've stumbled upon Google Drive. This Google service is a cloud storage service for your data. We will show you how you can best use this service and what advantages it brings you.


In Google Drive, you can all file formats to save. Right at the start you will receive 15 GB of free storage spacethat you can use at will. You can also use this storage space for a fee up to 30 TB expand.

You can then access your files from access anywhere - be it on computer via the browser or on the smartphone via the Google Drive app. Would you like to share saved documents with others? No problem! Drive gives you the option to share individual files or entire folders with others to release. Those can then have one link access it and even note the link to the file in your own Google Drive. Edits to a file saved in Drive are then carried out directly synchronized on all accountsso that you can work effectively together on a single file. This means that annoying sending back and forth or a version comparison for group projects is no longer necessary.

By the way, Google Drive has Google Docs replaced. In addition to using the cloud storage, you can also create documents independently within Drive. You can then use these like all other documents and share them with others.

An advantage and at the same time disadvantage of Google Drive results from the direct integration into the Google network. Google Drive is integrated directly into Gmail. This is useful for the simple processing of e-mail attachments. But it should be one Security problem come with your Gmail account, all files in Google Drive may also be affected.


So, as with any cloud provider, the question arises: How for sure are my data actually? Am i good before Hacking attacks protected? And could it be that Google itself rummaged through my documents?

Google itself is of the opinion that Drive is a safe service is. However, Google's own safety instructions are not particularly meaningful. It is only pointed out that the user logs out or the Lock the computer should when this is not used. It should also be noted that a strong password should be used. How to find a password that is as secure as possible is shown here.

It is assumed that no cloud storage is really completely safe is. You can find out how the data protection of cloud providers is doing here. So you should be on Google Drive do not store sensitive data. You should also have your saved data once again on a physical disksuch as an external hard drive. If, for example, there are server problems at Google or data is deleted by a hack, you will no longer be able to access your documents.

As such, you should think that your own data in the cloud remains protected without hacking attacks or the like. After all, that still exists Right to privacy. However, the uploaded files are still searched using a combination of algorithms and manual control. The reason Google gives is to delete files that contradict the guidelines. Yet this is still legitimate if the documents are not only filtered by title be, but Google employees even the See through content allowed to? So the bottom line is: if you want to use Google Drive, you'd better only encrypted files upload. Here we will show you how you can securely encrypt your data in the cloud.