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No. 37

From Finland Exclusive:

Luise Janning

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What parents in the

School caretakers pretend

December 2007, shortly before 6:00 p.m. - the secretary knows.

13. We can go straight into the mayor's room. We - that's Max

Bangen, the AFG student representative, Birgit Engel-Bangen (Friends of the

AFG), Ulrike Ludewig (support association and school caretaker) and Susanne Paul-

Menn (school caretaker). In February, AFG's Kalthof Foundation had one

Soccer court made available with the condition that it no later than

to have built up by mid-December. So it's high time. We want

personally explain to the mayor how important we are to have such a court

Find. Finally, shortly after our conversation, the council meeting begins

the final vote on the structure. A letter in which we have everything

justify once again, we also hand over to Mr. Gottschling. That shows up

confident, despite the opposing opinions that kept getting loud

are. The minutes of the council meeting will later state that Mr. Gottschling

told about our visit and also read the letter. The structure of the

Soccer courts are decided by a large majority.

Perhaps the conversation would not have been necessary; maybe they would have

Council members agreed with this result even without our appointment. -

But if not?

April 25, 2008, 2 p.m. the school festival of the Anne Frank Comprehensive School

will be opened. The teachers and students

have put in a lot of work and achieved a lot. eight

It took years for the school to treat itself to another party like this, that

is not shaped by learning, but by celebration. Eight years is a lot

too long pause. The parents - not just the elected parent representatives and

- representatives from the school caretaker - have in recent years

in demand again and again - with success. At the festival, many parents have to

Stalls touched. Now we hope that the next festival will take place soon and

After the positive experience, parents can also be found in the planning group


Maybe the school festival would have happened even without our repeated request

Parents took place this school year. But if not, that would be great

it was a shame.




These are two small examples to illustrate where the voice is

from parents may have had an effect. What we parents in the

After all, school attendants want is a school in which our children find themselves

feel good and receive good lessons. That is why it is important that the

elected parent representatives remain in conversation with each other. Then you can

show whether a topic is discussed in just one class or in several.

Cancellation of lessons and substitute lessons are among other things a topic

that we discuss more often. We also meet four mothers from the

We regularly chair the school caretaker with Mr. Niehaus, with Mr.

Thees and also with the students from the SV to hear

which topics are currently important to you. In addition, we also hear each other

outside of school at the State Parents' Council of the comprehensive schools in North Rhine-Westphalia

(LER). Two parents are elected as delegates for the LER. You drive to

the 3 meetings that take place every school year at changing comprehensive schools in North Rhine-Westphalia

be held. The next meeting of the LER will take place on Saturday, 7.

June, in the Anne Frank Comprehensive School. Approx. 100 parent representatives and

-Representatives of comprehensive schools from all over North Rhine-Westphalia then take a whole

Day time to exchange ideas, to get ideas for your own school and

to discuss the topic of “central final exams”.

This will be the last project of the school caretaker this school year. For

We will then decide on new plans for the coming school year.

Susanne Paul-Menn, Ulrike Ludewig, Antje Kockmann, Anette Möller-Crome

Photos on the website

the AFG.

AFG gallery

www. Gesamtschule.


Fairy tales, fun &


Impressions school festival 2008





a plate of lentils

Biology Olympiad

Havixbeck. A special honor

now learned Anna-Lena

Ahmann, student of the Anne Frank

Havixbeck comprehensive school. she belongs

among the 40 best biology students

all of North Rhine-Westphalia.

324 students

North Rhine-Westphalia - among them

also the biology advanced course of the

Anne Frank Comprehensive School Havixbeck

- accepted in the summer of 2007

the XIX. International Biology Olympiad

part and started doing it

the long way to the finals that

2008 in Mumbai, India

becomes. In the first round you had to

the students

deal with the cultivation of lentils.

In addition, there were complexes

solve theoretical problems. In

the second round then waited one

demanding exam on the young

Biology-LK. Students who far beyond

went beyond the classic school material.

The joy was all the greater than in the

December the news arrived that

to the best 40 students and

Schoolchildren in NRW also Anna-Lena

Ahmann belonged to that on January 22nd

as part of a ceremony in

Bayer Schering's Bergkamen plant

Pharma AG was honored. Ivon-


ne Böttinger, Jennifer Beck and Lea

Greifenberg also reached the second

Round, but then just missed

just under the 40 best


As a reward for performance

was allowed to Anna-Lena Ahmann with the

supervising specialist teacher Bernadette

Kuhlmann spent a whole day at the plant

spend to get up close and personal with the work

of a modern industrial company

to get to know. During the ceremony

were her at the end

the event a certificate and

Book Presents by Manfred Walhorn,

Ministry of School and Continuing Education,

for the Anne

Frank Comprehensive School is not this one

the first success. Has been involved for years

the student body for biology

this competition and always poses

winners again.

SV informed



“Do you need help or do you want to help?

Then you are at the right Place!

-WIR- this is the student council of the Anne Frank Comprehensive School.

We currently have 11 students and three teachers, but we're happy

always on interested students who want to get involved in their school,

here to include us in the SV.

At the moment we are working on the design of our school yard, because everyone

yes knows that we have the most beautiful schoolyard far and wide ....: =) but also

the general coexistence of the students does not leave us indifferent!

Once a year, all class representatives meet for an SV conference. Try there

we then address our and your current problems in smaller groups

solve such as the well-known toilet problem.

As you can see, we stand up for you and you could do that too.

The room is open on Mondays and Thursdays during the game break.

Everyone can participate and have a say.

"You for us and we for you!"


TRO 2008 in the

Wasserburg cattle

When we (27 students and

10th grade students)

on Monday, January 14th, 2008

finally arrived after a two-hour drive,

we were positive about the nice

trimmed rooms and the

nice atmosphere surprised. Of

the two speakers who gave us the

We were accompanied for days

then received very friendly.

The topic of our TRO was:

Shaping the future. On the three days

we dealt among three

Aspects with the subject. On Monday

it was about our past

and the experiences and people,

that have shaped us so far, on

Tuesday we dealt with

the present and on Wednesday with


Questions about our future.

However, it was on Monday evening

the mood a little depressed there

many sad events from the

Past were remembered. At

the other two days were

we have a lot of fun and games with them

introduced various topics.

Even through the evenings we go on

our rooms or

but pursue other activities

we learned ours

Get to know classmates better

and there are friendships

developed or deepened.

We had between the seminars

generous breaks during which we eat

and could explore the area.

By the way, the food was delicious.

At the end of the three

Days we were in spite of it

the nice time that

we spent there

had done very well

and we were happy again

at home.

Havixbeck. How great the interest

the pupil also at the 6th “Havixbecker

Mathematics Olympiad "

the Anne Frank Comprehensive School again

once was, shows the starting list.

Around 150 participants of the grades

5 and 6 fought over two

Preliminary rounds, 47 of which reached the

Finals. Was in qualifications

teamwork is also required

and allowed, everyone stayed up in the finals

on your own.

The organization of the "Brain Olympians",

was in the hands of the

Math advanced course participant

level 13: Dominik Spiekermann,

Tobias Kraft, Alina Wahlers, Anja

Vennebusch, Simon Stimberg, Janis

Ortgies, Sina Mohammadizad and

Ana-Maria Cengíc. The elaboration

and ultimately the grading came from



Winner: Luise k.-Lukas F.

Math Olympics 2008

LK leader, the math teacher

Hans Bröskamp.

Yesterday now all participants could

the final round in the forum

let celebrate. There was one for everyone

Certificate and a logic game as a consolation prize.

For the six best she had

School, represented by the head of department

Secondary level II, Detlev

Kuckelsberg, a cash bonus for the

Purchase of games donated.

Veronika came in 6th place

Worms. 5th was Leonhard Deams, 4th

Enno Tschorz, 3rd Lara Nonnenkamp.

The two winners, also in the

Preliminary rounds and in their years

were Luisa Kolitz and Lukas Fey.

Thunderous applause from their classmates

accompanied the math experts to the award ceremony.


AFG chess players

Third at district level!

AFG chess players cut open

District level doing well. Havixbeck.

The chess team of the Anne

Frank Comprehensive School Havixbeck

(AFG) won the district championships

of all schools one

excellent third place and

narrowly missed the

Qualification for the NRW finals.

The district championships took place

took place in Münster. Were represented

the district masters of the seven circles

the district - for the district of Coesfeld

the Anne Frank Comprehensive School

Havixbeck. Against the first two

Teams of the competition -

St. Michael high school from Aalen

and Marienhiller High School

Maria Veen - had to be the young

AFG chess players give up.


The AFG team was able to beat

on the other hand the Hittorf-Gymnasium,

Recklinghausen, the school at the Aasee,

Ibbenbüren, the Pascal Gymnasium,

Münster, and the Max-Planck-Gymnasium,

Gelsenkirchen. Teacher Manfred

Stalz, who is the chess team

looked after, showed up with the result

very satisfied: “We had a very

balanced team. All players

have at least 50 percent of theirs

Games won. ”Most points

brought in Cedric Weltmann. The

good cooperation between the

Chess clubs in the area -

especially from Billerbeck, but also from

Send and Munster - would have again

once bore good fruit, rejoiced

Manfred Stalz.

Photo: (from left to right): Die

Chess players of the Anne Frank

Havixbeck comprehensive school represented

their school at the district championships

and got a good one

third place: Gregor Umbach

(9.4), Nikolas Sandmann (8.3),

Cedric Weltmann (9.4) and Sascha

Brune (7.5).

American high school students from Michigan

came from 30.3. until

April 11, 2008 to Havixbeck and visited

the Anne Frank Comprehensive School.

In the fall, students were out

Havixbeck there. Everyone was looking forward to it

the return visit. There were visits

the region, Münster, Cologne and

Berlin's on the program. As well

should the American students

School life, lessons and the

Get to know everyday German life. The

Americans lived with Germans

Schoolchildren. Two

Teachers and a teacher brought

the American teachers with them

under. “We hope that they will

good development of the exchange

in recent years also with this one

Return visit and the new passage

2009/2010 continues. “, Saw Sebastian

Webbeler, who applied as a teacher

the Anne Frank Comprehensive School

USA exchange coordinated the visit

optimistic against. Since many

For years the Anne-

Frank-Gesamtschule Havixbeck one

exchange in partnership with the

Glen Lake Community School in

Maple City in Michigan State, USA.

Schoolchildren and

High school students

after the Anne Frank Comprehensive School

Michigan. And come every year



Visit from the usa

American high school students

Students on a return visit to the

Baumberge parish wherever they are

be warmly welcomed.


My name is Volkmar Delschen

and I've been since the beginning of February

2008 trainee lawyer at the Anne Frank

Comprehensive school with the subjects

Math and sports. My own

I spent school time at the Graf-

Adolf-Gymnasium in Tecklenburg,

where I graduated from high school in 1998.

After a dual degree /

Training as a graduate engineer

at the Ravensburg University of Cooperative Education,

I studied the subjects in Münster

Math and sports. While

this time it drew me several times

South East Asia where I work as a backpacker

the countries of China, Laos and

Got to know Vietnam. Another

Stay abroad led me to follow

Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. in the

The new

V. Delschen


Then I completed the

German school in Mexico City

School internship.

Have been spending since childhood

I go to one of the most every Sunday

Football pitches in Münsterland, where

I'm currently wearing the Borussia jersey

Munster wear. In my spare time I grab

I like to go with my acoustic guitar

me since I was 12 years old

accompanied. If there is still time

I also like to sit on a beautiful one

Lake and try a fish to the

To get Angel.

Hello my Name Is Christoph

Concert. Since 02/01/2008 I am

I am one of the new trainee lawyers

the AFG. For the next two years

I am going to study music and

Ev. Religion (both secondary level I) trained.

I studied in Münster

completed. As an instrument teacher

(Clarinet) I have in the last

eight years at the Rheine Music School

can gain a lot of experience.

For this reason I am happy

that it is at the AFG wind classes

or different bands. In

my home community in Emsdetten

I got into youth work

committed and various church services

or confirmation camps

and help shape it. Furthermore

I am interested in the theater.

Not just visits to the theater, but

The new

C. Concert



Acting in the theater also makes me

a lot of fun. Otherwise I am

always happy for crazy actions

(People to think or laugh about


The new

M. Gerlach

Hello dear students!

... and another new one!

My name is Manuela Gerlach, I am

since 02/01/2008 as a trainee lawyer

your school. My subjects are German

and social sciences (social studies,

Economics). I studied in

Münster, where I also go with

my friend Markus live. I am

looking forward to the next 1.5 years

the AFG!

In my free time I am busy

like with music, read, go for a walk,

paint or swim. And if it's the

Time allowed, I drive mine

Visit family in Brakel (Kr. Höxter)


and read my

"Favorite motivator fantasy travel drive"

Calvin + Hobbes!


My name is Andrea Lüer and I am new

Trainee teacher with you at the school!

I am originally from Dülmen,

where I also graduated from high school

have. In Münster I have them

Subjects English, education and math

educated. However, I have myself

also in other areas besides ours

beautiful Münsterland

drifted around ;-) During mine

I spent half a year in school

lived in the USA. During my studies

it has me then for 6 months

ended up in London. How one

can already guess, travel is a

big hobby of mine (especially in

the English-speaking countries of the

World). I still read in my free time

like or do sports (play tennis,

Inline skating, jogging ...)

After you me a little closer now

The new

A. Luer



got to know, I'm happy

on to find out more about you guys in the next

2 years to experience.

Hope to see you soon in class ...


Hello dear Habicht readers

and readers!

My name is Cordula Markett and I am

a new trainee lawyer at AFG.

My subjects German, English

and catholic religion i am in

Münster studies. Part of mine

I studied at the

beautiful little island "Isle of Man",

where I attend a comprehensive

School taught German

and lots of insight into the British

Everyday school life.

I come from native

Mönchengladbach, why mine

Football heart probably still on the

Borussia depends, which is finally the one

Made it back to the first division

Has! I do sports, read and travel

like in my spare time. My big

Music, however, is passion. I

play the piano, have on my "old"

The new



School clarinet in the wind class

also teaches and makes music

for six years with my tenor

Saxophone in the university big band


So now I'm in at your school

Havixbeck landed, feel here

very well and look forward to the

next two years with you!

Since 02/01/2008 there are

the Anne Frank Comprehensive School

Havixbeck 6 new trainee lawyers, too

whom I can count myself too. My

Name is Christiane Wermelt and I

am 29 years old. Actually I am

rather via detours to the teaching profession

come because after mine

In 1998 I got a high school diploma

one-year commercial school specially

for high school graduates attended and im

A commercial connection followed

Training in Münster as well as a

Employment as an employee in

this area. But then decided

I am looking for a teacher training course in

Münster, which I did in autumn 2007

have completed. my subjects

are social sciences and sports

and one or the other student

and schoolgirls already have me

got to know. Obviously busy

I myself next to school too

with other things: judo, traveling,

Friends relaxing at the summer

Channel, music, reading etc.

In the meantime I have worked on the

The new




Anne Frank Comprehensive School very good

settled in and I'm still looking forward to it

coming time.

Christiane Wermelt


dream job


Two Anne Frank students

allowed to watch TV professional


My friend Mareike and I

could have a weekend in one

"Internship TV workshop" at

RTL participate. There we had

the chance an editor of

"Point 12" Danny Reinhhardt and

Ask the editor Werner Herwig

about their profession and with

the help of their expertise

own contribution, or Maz as it is in

the technical language means to create.

Drove early Saturday morning

we're off to Cologne. Because we're too early

were there, we waited until 9:00 a.m.

in a common room, being

little by little the other girls

arrived. We presented ourselves briefly

mutually before and exchanged,

where we come from. Then we learned

Werner and Danny know, on RTL

it is customary to talk to each other. The two

led us to a computer room

the “RTL Journalist School for TV

and multimedia "where the training

took place.

We did a lot in the morning


Theory. That was every now and then

somewhat sleepy. Then were allowed to

but we already do with one

professional program work.

Each of us wrote a text

a current message.

After lunch we got

a guided tour from Werner through that

RTL building. We could

take a look at the live broadcast

of Formula 1. also

we saw several recording studios and

Editorial offices. As a highlight were allowed to

we on the VIP couch from “RTL

explosive “take a seat!

Another theoretical one followed

Part and then we were allowed to

first time myself in a recording studio

work. That was the exercise for him

next day when we made our own

Texts should be set to music. But I

am honest i was very nervous and

my voice didn't sound like

with a professional.

The next day it said

Program that we own our own

Make a contribution. Theory

had to be put into practice,

with the help of the experts, of course.

From three subjects could be

everyone pick one and got it

plus film raw material and others

Information. I chose that

The subject of nomads has been decided.

So we looked for the right quotes

and the most expressive images



out. In the course of the afternoon

the finished one gradually emerged

Video clip.

Made after lunch

we adapt texts to it

write. As all in turn

had to go to the sound booth

to speak my own text, I became

but very nervous. Also the coolness

the professionals no longer reassured me.

But when I think back, I believe

I think it got better

I'd just have a cool one

Keep your head.

Then after two weeks I received

post my contribution on DVD

sent by RTL.

Overall, I've experienced a lot and

also learned. My thanks go to

the school that the weekend mine

has sponsored.

Vanessa Mete


Africa in ours


The 5.3 collects money for children

in Africa

The children in Africa are mine

Girlfriend and me very much

Heart. Anna Campe and me, Rica

Hohmann, had the best idea of ​​all


We could for children in

Collect africa. So we called in

couple of girlfriends together and

told them the plan. Immediately were

everyone excited and everyone had the same

great ideas. It was very helpful,

that they all came from somewhere else.

But most of them came from

Muenster. We agreed

that the children are each in their village


collect for Africa. Can do best

to collect when market or what

other is. So everyone has a poster

designed and attached to a

Stick glued.

I am

launched in Münster

and got with a couple

Friends collected. Then

have my girlfriends

and i figured that

we're collecting for that

Children in Africa as

Make class community

could. So brought Anna

Camp and I this great

Idea in the OS and all were

excited. There has always been

more ideas. It helped us

more and more classmates,

Raise money. It does

a lot of fun. Then have

we thought we could work for Unicef ​​after all

collect. It was a lot of fun that

Helping children.

Rica Hohmann 5.3




Pre-easter festival

Colorful and happy

Comprehensive school students and kindergarten children

celebrate a colorful and

happy pre-easter festival

Havixbeck. The students

of the housekeeping course of the

tenth year of the Anne Frank

Havixbeck comprehensive school now had

Kindergarten children to a happy,

colorful easter festival invited.

They were supported by the

Home economics teacher Anette (with

an "n"!) Blawatt The kindergarten children

were with the song "Stups,

the little Easter bunny ”received that

by Magnus Wessels with the guitar

was accompanied. After that, the

"Little ones" warmly on behalf of everyone

Schoolchildren greeted

and in those prepared by the students

"Workshops" divided. In these

Groups were baked, played,

tinkered and read out. At the Bakken

delicious "Easter nests" were created

and Easter bunny cookies that are still

embellished with a colored frosting

were. But not only with

Baking was colorful

but also when doing handicrafts. There

the children painted blown eggs

in various colors and

Patterns and tinkered with cardboard tubes

and colored cardboard funny

Easter bunnies with long ears. At the


Reading aloud, however, was a little bit

calmer too. The "little ones" sat in one

cozy corner and listened

an Easter story. Heard thereby

she excited and attentive to and

dived into their fantasy world. In

the gaming group were through a

good ear "egg thieves" fresh

Act caught.

After the kindergarten kids

run through all “workshops” once

the grand finale of the

Morning. The tables in the dining room

the school kitchen in the Anne Frank

Comprehensive schools were imaginatively decorated

and it smelled seductively