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People: Round birthdays Dr. Hans-Peter Übleis (70)

Dr. Hans-Peter Übleis turns 70 today. How is the former publisher of Droemer Knaur in the anniversary year of the publisher whose program he shaped until 2016? And what could it be, whatHPÜ (that's what his friends call him) or a Book junkie (that's what Nina George once called her publisher) how he misses today?

He immediately admits: “I miss the adrenaline, my family of authors, my colleagues and their enthusiasm for great book projects and manuscripts and even more the cheers for good sales figures. But what I don't miss is when the adrenaline level turns into stress. And I certainly do not miss the hour-long meetings, the ringing of the alarm clock in the morning and the airports and the telephone terror with the sausage roll at the desk.

Today I am fitter and more relaxed, I have more time for my family, I am constantly learning new things, be it as a consultant (e.g. Sebastian Fitzek for the USA and England) or homeschooling for grandchildren. I have enough time to deal more intensively with my own main areas of interest (politics, society, ethics, USA) and especially for my work as chairman of the Munich House of Literature. Incidentally, I'm really proud of that, the largest literature house in Germany is a gem, also well positioned digitally and successful, which is particularly evident in these times.

But I am also proud of the fact that before my twenty Droemer years in the 90s at Heyne with the gnarled owner Rolf Heyne, I was able to develop from a pure mass market paperback publisher to a full-fledged general-purpose publisher (including a successful restart by Zabert Sandmann and Diana). And that Droemer Knaur, after the zero hour twenty years ago, is once again shaping the German book market with sustained success as one of the major publishers, that the authors and the team under the direction of Doris Janhsen and Josef Röckl feel comfortable and that we meet the expectations of authors , Book trade and readers could mostly be fair.

However, I am less proud of the fact that small publishers like Schneekluth had no real chance of survival alongside Droemer under the umbrella of the publishing group, that we did not jointly achieve significantly higher retail prices and that we were unable to enforce some authors ”.

Tanja Graf, the director of the Literaturhaus, congratulates her chief executive on her milestone birthday: “It is great to have a real book man like him at our side as chief executive, who on the one hand gives us great freedom of design and at the same time supports us. We congratulate ours HPÜ from my heart!"

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