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Phasendrescher: The over-motivated 17-year-old

Heavily in love or over-motivated? In this phase, important groundwork is set (© Laven)

December 16, 2019 - What is the typical career of an amateur table tennis player? Philipp Hell asks himself this question in the third row of his Phasendrescher blog. After his prototypical player has successfully survived the difficult phase of puberty, however, not all dangers have been averted. Because even if one heart in the chest wants to do everything for a district league career, the other one beats for Lisa.

Anyone who bravely remains a member of the table tennis department of their club after their 16th birthday despite intense puberty is either masochist, overly talented or visibly over-motivated. With 17-year-old Finn, excessive talent is definitely possible, but the latter is definitely the case: over-motivation. And so, together with his congenial friend Ferdinand, he is the only one of the initially 25 children who suddenly and unexpectedly stormed the table tennis training at the age of eleven, which is still there. And highly motivated.

Over-motivated to the tips of your hair

Finn and Ferdinand are characterized by a certain over-motivation, which gets on the nerves of one or the other long-established (and therefore comfortable) table tennis player. They are present at every youth training session, although, of course, none of the eight-year-old tots can manage even two rallies with them. Instead, under the guidance of their extremely ambitious trainer Edmund, they mostly practice the subtleties of the topspin-topspin offensive game on a separate plate (zack-zack-zack-zack-cho, zack-zack-zack-cho, zack-zack-zack- zack-zack-zack-zack-cho!) or take the ball bucket to your chest for hours to serve. Of course, they stay on site for the men's training that follows, cheerfully defeat some members of the second team and still train when the first veterans go to the club bar after showering.

This procedure will be repeated in the second training session of the week, as long as it is not disturbed by matches in the youth national league (which unfortunately also have to include two talentless eight-year-olds). In addition, there are some Friday evenings with the men (to get a taste of the district league air), on Saturdays people like to go to championships (there is always some youth ranking tournament) and on Sundays there are often all-day table tennis courses in the nearby city . The mere possibility of participating in the circular run from Monday at school during the long break has not been used by the two for some time.

Girl and muscles

In their other free time, for example at school or when the sports hall is actually closed or even occupied by the screaming football idiots, Finn and Ferdinand watch hundreds of table tennis clips on YouTube, study new, innovative forms of training and browse the latest Catalog of the table tennis dealer you trust - after all, there is always some new rubber or a new blade with which you could tease out a performance leap of two to three percent.

Actually, Finn and Ferdinand should prepare for their final exams, but the two of them don't want to miss the big chance of such a table tennis career in the district league. This always gives rise to lively debates at the dining table at home, but the family is actually very proud of Finn: Countless trophies already adorn dad's hobby room (the children's room is already full), mum can hardly keep up with washing the sweaty jerseys, she is stuck But Finn secretly paid a little bit of money for the expensive new rubbers, Grandpa is as proud as Bolle when he reads about his grandson's successes in the regional sports section of the newspaper (with a photo!) And Grandma even secretly comes by now and then to watch - only Finn's little sister Anna thinks that table tennis is a luschen sport and that he will never find a girl for the prom.

The prom is actually such a thing, because Finn has secretly cast a little eye on Anna's best friend Lisa, while Ferdinand thinks Finn's sister is more than nice. And as every experienced table tennis youth trainer knows, there are plenty of reasons to lose players again before and during puberty (football, tennis, no talent, no talent, no more, no more, no more, house arrest, found out, that table tennis is uncool, etc.), but for those who endured as long as Finn and Ferdinand, there are only two dangers afterwards: girls and muscles.

Muckibude instead of a sports hall

It goes without saying that, on the one hand, the sudden presence of a friend drastically changes the nature of leisure activities. However, this does not mean the classic coaching phrase “no sex before the game”, but the fact that suddenly there is no time at all for this game. Or for training. Not to mention tournaments on Saturday afternoons.

On the other hand, the sudden interest in weight training with the aim of overdimensioned muscle building is also a big problem. It is only too understandable when the late adolescent linnet finally wants to do more for his so-called 'body' (especially to counteract the absence of a girlfriend) than just training forehand topspin. On the other hand, this hobby has both temporal and physical effects on the table tennis career: instead of a sports hall it is now called a fitness studio and instead of speed strength it is now only strength - a very fatal development for fans of the fast white plastic ball!

But it's not that far yet for Finn and Ferdinand, they are still regularly in the hall, and without moving their eyes to the left or right, it goes zack-zack-zack-zack-cho, zack-zack-zack-cho , zack-zack-zack-zack-zack-zack-zack-chochocho !!! Thankfully, trainer Edmund recently spotted Anna and Lisa in the stands in good time and quickly complimented them out of the hall without being noticed. With that he bought himself, the two boys and the entire table tennis sport at least a grace period of a few months. And so it just goes on and on: zack-zack-zack-zack-zack-cho, zack-zack-zack-zack-cho, zack-zack-zack-zack-balloon defense-zack-balloon defense-bug-choooo !!!

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(Philipp Hell)