What are the different satellite payloads

Rohde & Schwarz presents new Q / V-band RF upconverter for testing satellite payloads

In the Q / V band, larger bandwidths are available for the feeder link to the satellite. This makes the Q / V band ideal for implementing upcoming data connections with a high bit rate. These include future communication and cellular backhaul networks that can provide the end user with large amounts of data. Both traditional, geostationary satellites and LEO satellites in the New Space environment have discovered these new satellite bands for themselves.

High demands are made on the microwave components in the Q / V band with regard to their performance. Accordingly, these must undergo extensive testing during development and verification. Amplifiers, converters, receiver modules, and complete satellite payloads are some examples that must be tested in the Q / V band. Particularly for satellite payloads, there are high demands on the signal quality of the measuring devices. Together with the vector signal generator R&S SMW200A, the Q / V-band RF upconverter R&S SZV100A enables continuous coverage of all satellite bands from the VHF band to the V-band. In addition, it covers the frequency bands for 5G in the Q / V band.

The test setup consists of the vector signal generator R&S SMW200A, the RF and microwave signal generator R&S SMA100B and the Q / V-band RF upconverter R&S SZV100A. With its outstanding RF performance, the R&S SMW200A delivers the modulated, broadband intermediate frequency signal with bandwidths of up to 2 GHz. The R&S SMA100B provides the high-precision local oscillator signal. The maximum output power of the R&S SZV100A is up to +16 dBm (1dB compression point).

The compact housing design, the low weight and the mounting points of the R&S SZV100A allow mounting as close as possible to the device under test, e.g. on the outside of a thermal vacuum chamber (TVAC). The distance between the IF source or the LO source and the R&S SZV100A can be up to 10 meters, so that an optimized test setup is possible.

The upconverter and the signal generators can be operated remotely with PC software via a LAN connection. The use of the R&S SZV remote control software enables the entire device setup to be configured easily and conveniently.

The R&S SZV100A is ideally suited as a cost-saving addition to existing test systems. With the operating software, the setup consisting of the R&S SZV100A, R&S SMW200A and R&S SMA100B can be operated like one device. The R&S SZV100A is now available from Rohde & Schwarz.