How reliable are Uber planned trips

UberX is back: From March 1, 2021, passengers will be able to use the usual offer in the Uber app again

With grants for users of the Uber app and a special offer for the partners, the domestic economy is to be supported in a time that is still challenging.

Vienna (OTS) - On March 1, 2021, the amendment to the new Occasional Traffic Act will come into force, which allows flexible tariffs for pre-booked journeys. This enables Uber to offer its popular services again, especially UberX, and to get customers from A to B comfortably, safely and inexpensively. , says Martin Essl, Uber Austria. "The limited flexible tariffs allow us to stay in Austria for the time being." As of Monday, the entire product portfolio will be available again in the Uber app: customers can choose between UberX, Green, Comfort, UberXL, Premium and Taxi, depending on their needs.

Uber grant: 30 percent for the first five trips with the code “XISBACK”

Uber would like to actively support its partners as well as the users of the Uber app in returning to something normal in the Corona crisis. The actual fares remain unchanged, but the demand from passengers is to be stimulated with attractive subsidies. With the code "XISBACK”There is 30 percent on the first five UberX and Green trips. The partners of course receive the full fare, Uber pays the difference. Entrepreneurs can benefit twice from the increased demand, because Uber is also reducing the flat-rate service fee for UberX and Green in March from 15 percent to 3 percent. , so Essl.

High quality despite tight tariff corset

Uber will continue to arrange trips at attractive prices in the future as well. “The effects of the planned, tight tariff corset on customers and the market will only become apparent in the next few months. The city has planned a one-year observation phase and evaluation and we hope that the right decisions will be made on the basis of valid data in order to create good income opportunities for drivers and attractive mobility offers for consumers in the long term. " In any case, Essl wants to continue the constructive dialogue with those responsible. In addition to an attractive price, Uber has, as before, particularly focused on high quality and comprehensive services for users, such as cashless payment directly via the app, as well as numerous security features: the driver and license plate are known even before the start of the journey and journeys can be made in real time, for example Be shared with friends or family.

For the Viennese it means first of all: A piece of normality will be back from March 1st!

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