What does Melania Trump eat

Melania Trump: She eats this in a day to stay slim

Prior to her time at the White House, Melania Trump was a successful model. So it's no wonder that she knows how to keep her body healthy and fit. In interviews and on Twitter, she revealed her secret figure

"It's not a diet, I just like to eat healthy because I feel better and have more energy," says First Lady Melania Trump, 48, of her secret to slim lines. But what exactly is on the food plan of the wife of Donald Trump, 72?

What Melania Trump eats in a day

In the morning

According to the Washington Post, Melania usually gets up around 5:30 am. You start your food journal in a healthy and nutritious way. "Every morning I make a smoothie with a few ingredients and lots of vitamins. It's very healthy," Melania revealed in an interview with Refinery 29 in January 2013. When asked about the recipe on Facebook in the same year, she gives the following ingredients for her breakfast smoothie: "Spinach, celery, carrots, blueberries, apple, orange juice, lemon juice, fat-free yogurt, flaxseed, olive oil, omega-3, vitamin D." During her stressful job as a first lady with little time for a relaxed breakfast For Melania, the "vitamins to go" are a good alternative for taking in important nutrients. However, it is important that the smoothie, like Melania does it, should ideally be squeezed by yourself and thus be free of artificial additives.
Sometimes the 48-year-old also treats herself to "a little oatmeal and juice" for breakfast, as she admits. Good choice! Oatmeal provides B vitamins, vitamin E, important amino acids, folic acid and minerals such as magnesium and zinc.

Lunch & Dinner

Melania ensures that there is plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables on her plate and avoids fatty or high-calorie foods. Fast food prohibited! In her healthy lifestyle, she mainly relies on fruits: she eats seven pieces of it every day, she revealed to "GQ". In the evening, the First Lady relies on protein-rich dishes such as salmon with beans or a light vegetable soup with croutons. If you want it to be particularly easy, she opts for a salad with avocado or tomato-mozzarella.
Melania is also disciplined when it comes to drinking: she prefers water to make her complexion glow and to keep her fluid balance in order. In the White House, by the way, according to the New York Times, she should ensure that employees only serve healthy food. Hamburger buns, for example, should be on the index. Reason: Your husband Donald is supposed to lose weight ...
The 48-year-old also supports her slim line with Pilates, yoga and tennis.

Cheat meals

Her healthy lifestyle doesn't mean that Melania doesn't indulge in a little sin every now and then. “I love chocolate and ice cream, and I indulge in these things every now and then,” she confessed to Bella New York magazine in 2011. “It's good to have cravings and enjoy your taste every now and then. .. as long as you balance these things with healthy food. " Sometimes she opts for a piece of dark chocolate or a glass of Diet Coke to satisfy her sweet tooth.
Even for the main meal it can be something greasy from time to time: In 2010 she told "New York Magazine" that her absolute favorite food was "Chicken Parmigianino" (chicken breast with sauce and spaghetti) from the "Jean Georges" restaurant. And even pizza comes on the table! But then homemade and with organic ingredients, as the mother of a son showed on her Twitter account in May 2015.