Anthony Hopkins is a recovering alcoholic

Many of us want to be on the site of famous people because their lives seem so carefree, wonderful, positive, successful. But as experience shows that everything is not as smooth as it seems, and sometimes even the stars in life are solid negatives. As a result, many of them find the solution to their problems in the bottle and sometimes in drugs. And even being rich and famous, recovering from alcoholism is quite difficult, and sometimes impossible.

In today's selection, there were such celebrities who managed to get rid of alcoholism, as well as those who are still fighting this harmful habit to this day. So, 12 famous Hollywood alcoholics.

1. Ben Affleck.

Ben Affleck is one of Hollywood's most famous alcoholics. According to the actor, the harmful habit received from the father, which has dropped so much that he turned into a homeless person. Beno himself had to go through a long treatment while he broke repeatedly. Recently, he said that she finally finished 16 years of rehabilitation and hopes he will never return to a harmful habit.

2. Johnny Depp.

Another famous Hollywood alcoholic Johnny Depp. For a long time, Johnny and alcohol were associated with very tender feelings. He even dreamed that after the death of whiskey he was put in a barrel.

"I have explored alcoholic beverages deeply, and they obviously examined me too, and we found that we were good ..."

But in the end, after a series of ridiculous drunk drinks, he realized it was time to tie up and seek help from the doctors tie. Lee finally got rid of alcohol addiction, unknown.

3. Demi-Mur.

Demi Moore has no problem with alcohol or prohibited drugs. Perhaps this destructive tendency-celebrity is inherited from his mother - chronic alcoholic. Unfortunately, the family tradition did not end in Demi, her younger daughter Tallel had already attended the rehabilitation clinic for 22 years.

4. Robert Downey JR

One of Hollywood's famous alcoholists for alcohol and drugs almost ruined his career. Suddenly Robert was drinking so much that almost all film studios were parted with him. Once when he was drunk, he went to a neighboring house and decided to get some sleep there. His sweet dream was interrupted by the police who caused the mistress of the house to find a man sleeping in his daughter's cot.

5. Daniel Radcliffe.

"Harry Potter" made friends with a green Zmiem at the age of 18. The new "boyfriend" helped Daniel get rid of depression, mastered after filming in Ptteriana. The actor admitted that he turned into a completely different person:
"I can't tell in which person - I don't remember, but it was like chaos"

6. Mel Gibson

Hollywood Celebrity started drinking around 13 years old. Almost all of his conscious life has been a relentless struggle with alcohol addiction. When a disastrous habit took over him again, Gibson even tried to commit suicide.

Because of the turnaround of drunk drunks and racist statements, no one in Hollywood wanted to communicate with him. Once that night Gibson called his girlfriend and mocked his speech with obscene Brani, wishing she had rape her in order to rape her "black". In 2006, he insulted two police officers who arrested him for drunk driving.

7. Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan is a good example of Hollywood's list of famous alcoholics. At the age of 17, Lohan had everything only you can dream about: fame, money, stunning looks and interesting work. And all that she had lost because he was fascinated by alcohol. At 30 Lohan turned into real ruins and next to morally sank. For example, she was supposed to rest in one of the Moscow nightclubs, tried to accuse one of the visitor's visitors of stealing his phone. And that's for nothing to pay a bill!

8. Shaia Labuff.

The "Transformers" star became familiar with drugs and alcohol very early on. At the age of 11 he smoked his first cigarette with marijuana, which he gave to a local father. According to the actor's own admission, alcohol destroyed his life. His hooligan tricks have repeatedly shocked the public. For example, the actor was arrested in 2014 for incomplete behavior at the Studio 54 Club on Broadway. During the performance, drunken Shaya smoked, yelled, yelled, and even insulted actors and viewers. When the police took it out of the hallway, the angry Labufsuche shouted: "You even know who I am !?"
In 2015, Shaya passed the rehabilitation course and since then he has said he doesn't drink.


Few people know that the Kubinka's beauty suffered from alcohol addiction for a long time. It's hard to believe, but the same thing and Eva fell on Hollywood's list of famous alcoholists. With the help of alcohol, she tried to get rid of stress due to overuse at work. In 2008, Mendez fell into a rehabilitation clinic, and when he got out of there, he decided never to drink again. And now their motto is "not a drop of alcohol!"

10. Colin Furell.

Colin Falloll has been a sober one for more than 10 years. But it wasn't always like this: "When I asked for help in 2005, the doctor asked me to list everything I used for the week. My list was: three bottles of whiskey, twelve bottles of red wine, 60 pins of beer ..."

For 15 years, Faalell almost did not die, and when he began treatment he had to learn to communicate: in the drunk years he learned to doping with people who did not learn alcohol.

11. Anthony Hopkins.

In his nature, Hopkins is a closed and discreet man. He started drinking alcohol to have fun on stage. As a result, the actor came with such a state, waking up once in the morning in an unknown employee, I did not remember how he got here. It was then that he realized it was time to tie and bond with Alcoholics Anonymous.

12. Kate Moss.

The condition of the 43-year-old top model causes serious concerns: too often the paparazzi takes drunk in drunk. Kate has long been treated for the best of doctors by alcoholism and drug addiction, but it seems that the last point in his fight against bad habits is not being delivered. In September 2016, due to a disagreement with her husband, she didn't turn the bang, starting with champagne and ending with his whiskey. And in February 2017, journalists managed to photograph the drunk moss on one of the parties, in which she looked terrible.

Green tiped can take someone. And when you have enough batter to use any number of your favorite alcoholic drinks and show off friends, slowing down slower happens next to impossible. This dozen famous alcoholics managed to take each other into his hands non-stop, despite the temptation.
Yuen McGregor.

The actor admitted that he had drunk a lot before, but the memories of that time all he had was the rainbow. "Those were the best days," recalls the singer. After forty, however, McGregor decided to focus on career and a healthy past pastime.

Derik Wibl.

In April 2014, the hum group singer and ex-husband Avril Lavigne delivered to the hospital in a state of severe alcoholic intoxication. The musician was unconscious, his liver and kidneys were overloaded by the amount of drinking alcohol and were close to being rejected. Now the singer has come almost normally, but is now learning to walk as a result of the almost total exhaustion of the muscles.

Daniel Radcliffe.

When the star "Harry Potter" was 18 years old, his life went under the slope. He drank every day, a drunk appeared on the set, drove home and looked again. It started in 2010 when I realized what was changing and what it was threatening. The actor admitted that the actor drank in large part because of a fear of moving from the star of a multi-billion dollar franchise to the nondescript item on the next "Where Those Child Actors Are Now" list.

Shia Labeouf.

In June 2014, the actor was arrested for violating the public in the Broadway theater during the music of Cabaret, where he embarrassed viewers for enjoying his hooligan behavior. When a drunken labality was removed from the hall in handcuffs, he broke out and exclaimed, "Yes, you generally know who I am?" In the police station, the actor was not confused either and spat in the face of the Minister of Law. As a result, he was sentenced to six months of compulsory treatment in a rehabilitation center.

Zac Efron.

Perhaps a slim figure of the young actor is not allowed to do so much physical exercise as her cocaine addiction, on which he was treated twice in the focus of rehabilitation. Efron was eliminated from addiction to cocaine, but love acquired from alcohol, and if you believe rumors, it is still being abused.

Mel Gibson

Career Mel Gibson is rich in scandals - for a long time in the press they were called exclusively affectionate epithets, such as racist psychopath. For example, once that night he called his girlfriend, his girlfriend was inflicted for a frank style in clothes and declared that she deserved to be raped by the "Black Black". And in 2006, he was stopped for driving in a drunken form for which he was killed by police officers with anti-Semitic statements. Later, the actor publicly apologized, admitting that his behavior is the result of the ongoing life struggle against alcoholism.

Johnny Depp

In March 2015, hundreds of workers from the set of the fifth part of The Pirates of the Caribbean Sea had to stop work because the star of the project, Johnny Depp, injured their hand. How did it happen? He fell from sobriety after a long period of time, got drunk with friends, and hit the glass door with a fist during an argument with his wife on the phone. Depp has previously been treated for alcoholism, but it seems it hasn't helped him too much.


Heartfelt ailments that enabled the girl to write heart dye songs and make her superstar also led her to major depression and alcohol addiction. "Once before the speech, I got so drunk that I forgot the words of my own songs ... it was horrible," the singer admitted.

Ben Affleck

According to the actor himself, alcoholism has always been a problem in his family. For a decade, the actor has not successfully battled addiction on his own, but in 2001 he still surrendered to the clinic. Treatment was successful and Affbeck stayed sober for another ten years, but apparently something went wrong - recently, the actor's wife, Jennifer Garner, filed for a divorce and said Affleck was taking the old one in.

Robert Downey Jr

Now, Downey is Hollywood's highest paid actor and the star of the most popular blockbusters. But there was a time when no one wanted to get a job because of their problems with alcohol. His alcoholism was so serious that once in 1996 a neighbor Dauni caused a police officer and found an actor in a drunken shutting in her 11-year-old daughter's bedroom.

Alec Baldwin.

Alec Baldwin joined the group of Alcoholics Anonymous when he was 26 years old. Now the actor is 57 and has been absolutely sober for more than 30 years. He admits that there were two bright moments in his life that forced him to realize the problem: The first was in 1983 when he was driving along the freeway and drinking wine from the cup right behind the wheel. Then he looked around and saw that people in the neighboring machines, people from the same cups, do not drink alcohol at all, but drink coffee or gas. Another time he received a fake view from the owner of the slots machines where the actor spent most of the nights.

Matthew Perry.

Although his addiction really affected the insane fame that brought him the "Friends" series, the actor said he was an alcoholic before starting. "I never got to work under the buzz - I came up with a terrible hangover," admitted Perry. According to him, everyone around his addiction knew about his addiction, although he tried to hide it as much as he could. The actor admitted that the fame helped him cope with his addiction too - he just stopped pouring into bars, huge argument: "I just read you can't drink."

When I learned from the reporters for the Internet edition TMZ, the reason for the divorce Johnny Depp wasn't just the abuse of the actor, which led to the couple's long-term quarreling, and the fact that he is almost unrecognizable. In fact, DepP's marriage broke down mainly under the influence of highly complicated Ember-Herd relationships with his loved ones, particularly the actor's late mother.

The fact is, Mom Depp - Betty Sue Palmer - has been seriously ill for the past six months. And the actor accepted a difficult decision for him: at the beginning of the year he transported it to his house, where he lived with Bernstein. This initial plan was very risky. The fact is, Betty Sue didn't believe the amber. She was sure the herd came out for mercanthyl solely for mercanthyl reasons - that is, because of its condition, estimated to be at least $ 400 million, as well as using the dork's communications in Hollywood for their own careers.

And after both women had settled in the same house, the atmosphere became just unbearable. The Amber tried to breastfeed itself on Betty Sue but was defeated - she did not believe in the sincerity of the Hurd. And by the way, it seems Mom Johnny was totally right. No wonder the Amber is now getting into divorce after the entire string of recent box office failures with everyone talking that Johnny's career was nearing sunset. At the same time, as it became clear last year, the herd itself is also not particularly successful in a professional at Depp's expense. Thus, their marriage has lost meaning for Bernstein.

We add to the fact that, like the relationship with the actor's children from his civil marriage to Vanessa Paradi - 16-year-old Lily Rose and 14-year-old Jack - he is also severely complicated recently. And the point isn't just that Depp's daughter and son took their grandmother's side in their conflict with their stepmother. Both of them, especially a pretty pretty adult Lily, saw that her father was unhappy and Vinyl was the ember in the current situation.

As for Depp himself, he "went out" and wrote down his problems. That said, the TooPls of yearning in wine and looking for solace in overeating, which ultimately ruined the actor's marriage. According to friends, Johnny led his behavior to flock into anger. It got to the point where she started following her husband so as not to let him not get drunk outside the home. When Herde started going to the Depps concerts, who decided to appear on stage in the rock band, Johnny's friends were very surprised. After all, the Ember did not hide that she absolutely does not like her husband's musical exercises. Turns out she went there to hold Johnny because he was drunk right behind the scenes. But she didn't always make it ...

Yes, Anthony Hopkins really said in an interview with the Guardian that he's glad he's an alcoholic. However, the assholes have already misinterpreted his words, saying that he thinks as if "Alcohol helps him in life and creativity." Indeed everything is wrong. If a person is an alcoholic, it is forever. This is what Anthony Hopkins says, a very active member of "Alcoholics Anonymous". Like, by the way, and Johnny Depp, what's now in Moscow. Depp in "AA" is much less timely, and Hopkins hasn't been drinking since 1979 when he drank the last winery. And if he hadn't tied, he wouldn't have it. Because Hopkins really are under the fence.

Anthony Hopkins literally said like this, "I am very happy to be an alcoholic is a great gift because I could not follow, this abyss is after me. This is anger of the volcano that I use as fuel. Rocket fuel. But Of course, it can break you to pieces and kill you. "By the way, alcoholics anonymous don't force someone who can't drink. It's a desire to get drunk, ride a horse, and die - it's a personal choice.

This does not mean that you are trying to become an alcoholic and then ties and living energy. This means that an alcoholic who doesn't drink is very capable. But an alcoholic who drinks is most likely to die.

Johnny Depp got his drunkenness before he couldn't learn the replicas, by the way, and was enjoying the headphones. Now he attends meetings regularly. In Hollywood for star alcoholics their meetings. It also happens to groups on Skype, spends performances for members of AA, says how he threw drinks. But his sobriety is small. And there were failures.

Hopkins had no failures. He was clearly following the program, and she really helped him bind. Specialists, narcologists, and psychologists say that alcoholics anonymous is hardly the only way to stop drinking. Otherwise, drunk (deadly incurable disease) kills a wrap alcoholic like Hopkins. In addition, strong alcohol gradually derives from the classification of heavy drugs. Although he was still in the sixties and in the US and the USSR. But someone is very profitable, so people spawn, spent big money on alcohol, and died ahead of time.

Now when the press writes that Hopkins drinks, they are going against common sense. He hasn't drank a throat for 39 years either, and next year it's about to celebrate the Fortiete of absolute sobriety. Write to Anthony Hopkins about your problem if it is. He will surely answer. He kept offering to write to him, who drinks a lot - he has promised to help them advise how to get out of the pit.

II.- The Roman character is in the full name of the actor: John Christopher Depp II.

Johnny was born in 1963 in the United States in the state of Kentucky. He was the fourth and youngest child in the family of John Christopher Depp and the waitress Betty Sue Palmer.

The relationship in the family did not differ in particular friendliness - little Johnny looked with horror behind the arguments of the parents and spent a lot of time in the Santa Society, the hereditary Indian tribe of the Cherokee. It is known that the great-grandmother Johnny also had Indian roots - the blood of the three Indian brooks flowed in her veins.

Parents divorced when Johnny was 16 years old. Soon, Mom was getting married instantly, this time for a successful writer, and the family moved to Florida. In Johnny's new location, and before he could distinguish himself, he became addicted to smoking, began to eat alcohol, and he was behaving far from the best. And often after another clamp shaft, cut yourself, which left the scars on the body as a reminder of what happened.

15 years - The best time to stop studying and devoting yourself to music, I decided Johnny and started rehearsing with one with one with one with one with another garage group. He hasn't graduated from school.

Electric guitar costs $ 25, What mother gave Johnny something to a 12 year old teenager. The guy quickly mastered the instrument and even became a member of the children's small rock band. And later, when he was playing in one of the punk groups, their performance heard the famous IGGY pop and invited the guys to talk while heating up. 20-year-old Johnny became a local celebrity. And for a while I was happy with Lori Ann Alison, make-up, older than the idiot for 5 years. It seems that the musical career was predetermined. But one day Laurie was showing off her husband with a Santa Claus cage. A novice actor recognized in Johnny Artistic bail and offered to try his hand at a movie. Depp's commercial debut became the role of teenage Glenn in the sensational horror "Nightmare on Elm Street".

$500 Depp honestly gave the young DIHACPRIO for the fact that he smelled like a rotten egg. The young men fool 1993 on the film formation of the film "What is Gilbert Traube?"

Leonardo di Caprio and Johnny Depp during the shooting of the film "What is Gilbert-Grape?" (1993). Photo: Global Look Press

9 film. Shild Johnny with director Tim Berton. Their friendship began with the film "Edwards Handschere", which was shot in 1990. Then there were "Sleepy Hollow", "Charlie and Chocolate Factory", "Alice in Wonderland", and other necklaces that were loved by connoisseurs of dark humor and the Timberton aesthetic. Regarding the attitude towards the work of Director Depp, said in one of the interviews: "Burton could ask me to play and Alice to play and I agree."

Johnny Depp and Tim Burton on the making of the film "Charlie and Chocolate Factory" (2005). Photo: dpa / tass

2 wives And the number of hobbies can not be calculated in the life of the star. Depp's first marriage lasted two years. Then Johnny was busy with the actress Sherilin Fenn, but the wedding didn't go. The relationship with Jennifer Gray ended the engagement. With Vanessa Paradi, the actor lived up to 14 years - without registering relationships. And in 2015, the Depper actress married Bernstein Herd, but that marriage broke up in 15 months.

Other noisy novels - by Kate Moss, Winona Ryder, Juliette Lewis - and remained only bright episodes in his personal life.

7 days Communication Johnny and Vanessas turned out to be sufficient to live together. "I looked at myself and didn't believe my eyes! Who is it, man or Angel? It was real magic, magic. Now I felt for a moment that my life will change once and forever!" - said Depp. Their "new" acquaintance occurred in the summer of 1998 in the café of the small hotel coets in Paris. Johnny Dinner with colleagues in the film crew of Roman Polansky "Ninth Gate". "It was a dress with an open back. And I saw that exciting back and neck ... and then she turned, we met our eyes and - Battz! This was the end of my bachelor's life," recalled the actor. After a week, Vanessa and Johnny were already living together.

30 cigarettes The day I smoked Depp over the years. Everything changed after the birth of the daughter of the Lily Rose Melody. In the past, not only smoking remained, but also alcohol, light medication and noisy parties. Friends recognized dork. And he was happy. "Family is the most important thing in the world. If you don't have a family, take into account that you have nothing," he said.

With son Jack and daughter Lily Rose Melody (2013). Photo: horizontru.

13 tattoos. Character on Depp's body. One of them was carried out in the drawing of his son John Christopher (Jack). The other just painted on Johnny's hand for the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl". But after filming, Depp did a real tattoo, only the bird flies on it in a different direction, and the name "Jack" symbolizes his son.

Also on the body of Depp, the name of his mother, the daughter profile, the Indian symbolism is recorded.

During the novel with actress Winona Rider Johnny made the inscription "Winona Forever" on the right bicep. After saying goodbye, however, the tattoo had to shorten the "Wino Forever" ("Wino" - alcoholic).

0 Awards "Oscar" Got an actor. Although it was nominated three times for this award, including best male role in the films "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl" and "Susini Todd, a demon barber with Flit Street". In his collection, however, there are several MTV awards, honoring "Cesar", the award of the Guild of Actors, the "Golden Globe" and a star on the Galley of Fame in Hollywood.

During the star bookmark at the Hollywood Galley of Fame. With parents - Betty Sue and John Christopher Depp - and Vanessa Paradise (1999). Photo: horizontru.

$ 350 million Makes the actor's personal condition. In his accommodation - the castle and the winery in France, 5 penthouses in Los Angeles, a farm and a stable in Kentucky, at home in Hollywood. Just 13 mansions and apartments from $ 72 million. Plus, two islands in the Caribbean and the Aegean Sea (US $ 3.6 and 4.5 million) - and Yacht (US $ 18 million). Several million dollar dep collection of 200 paintings, including Klimat, Warhol, and Modigliani. Ten million is spent on cars and luxury motorcycles and a collection of 70 rare guitars. DePP also collects the personal effects of celebrities including Marilyn Monroe and Marlon Brando.

Several million dollars, Johnny, Gem spent on his last wife - Amber Herd. Yes, and a pretty forget yourself - just an elite alcohol, the actor relieves 30 thousand a month 30 thousand.

With the second wife, Amber Hearth (2016). Photo: Global Look Press

82 films, The project and the series today in the account of the Hollywood star. However, the audience is looking forward to the new, sixth film about the pirates of the Caribbean. Shooting is scheduled for 2019-2020. It seems that in this part of Jack Sparrow will kill ...