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8 tips for more sustainable smartphone use

5. Use a universal charger

If you use your smartphone frequently, you have to recharge the cell phone battery often. However, high power consumption is not part of more sustainable smartphone use. That's why the next of our 8 tips for more sustainable smartphone use deals with precisely this problem.
Until now, you could only charge your cell phone with a specific charger from the manufacturer that you bought when you bought it, and you were pretty stuck when friends wanted to charge your cell phone from another manufacturer or your battery gave up on them. A universal charger can help. The plug of such a charger should fit into all mobile phone charging points. This means that you no longer have to buy new chargers and you can use the same charger for different devices. There are now charging cables that have a connection for both USB-C and Lightning. One of the attachments is tucked on top of the other here, and you can switch in no time. This guarantees more sustainable smartphone use.

6. Update the operating system

In order to use your own smartphone more sustainably, you should use the current version of the Android or iOS operating system. Those who always keep their operating system up to date, i.e. update it, run less of the risk of their device becoming outdated quickly.

7. Charge the battery properly

Your battery plays a crucial role in more sustainable smartphone use. If you want to extend the life of your cell phone battery and thus use your smartphone more sustainably, you should make sure that you charge your battery correctly.

Incorrect charging damages the battery and shortens its lifespan. A constant charge level between 20 and 80 percent is best for your battery. This means that you should plug your mobile phone into the charger at 25 to 50 percent and take it off the charger again at around 80 percent. Flat charging cycles are ideal for the battery of your smartphone. Ergo, you shouldn't always completely discharge your mobile phone and then fully charge it again. If you follow these of our 8 tips for more sustainable smartphone use, your battery will last longer.

8. Proper disposal of old cell phones

The last of the 8 tips for a more sustainable smartphone use deals with the disposal of old devices. If your smartphone is a total loss and can no longer be given away or sold, please do not dispose of your old device in your household waste! Otherwise pollutants can get into the environment and valuable raw materials are lost.

If you have to dispose of an old smartphone, since 2016 you have been able to hand it in free of charge to larger electronic equipment dealers thanks to the electrical law. This law is mandatory for all dealers with a sales area of ​​at least 400 square meters who sell electronic devices. Often, however, contract providers such as Vodafone or Telekom also accept old devices.