What does a Magic Eraser scratch

Dirt eraser - application instructions and practical tips for the miracle sponge

The magic word, the dirt eraser, seems to be an ideal all-purpose cleaner. What is actually behind it? We explain to you and show you what a dirt eraser can - and what not!

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Dirt eraser, what is it?

Haven't you heard the term before? You are probably like most: The dirt eraser is relatively unknown, even though it has been around since Decades of professional cleaning is used. Due to its properties, it is mainly used by car preparation companies and for cleaning floors. Quality tip: It should be so fine-pored that no rough holes can be seen. It should also not be too thin so as not to fall apart straight away.

In the USA, the big breakthrough in private households came at the turn of the millennium - 2003 it was named one of the best by the American magazine Business Week Online Product innovations of the year explained. It has not yet really arrived in German households, probably because of its inconspicuous appearance (Outwardly it looks like any cleaning sponge. The sponge is white or grayish and available in different sizes) and the fact that there is hardly any advertising. It could probably also be because some companies that sell much more expensive chemical cleaning agents would like to keep their brand awareness as low as possible.


What is inside?

A good dirt eraser should be too 100% made of melamine resin exist and do without any additives. You probably already know melamine from other areas of life. It is an extremely durable plastic and is used wherever a scratch-resistant, impact-absorbing and water-repellent surface is required: high-quality furniture, kitchen worktops, unbreakable camping utensils, etc. And it is precisely this plastic that forms the basis for the melamine resin from which the dirt eraser is later made . The secret: When it hardens, melamine resin becomes almost as hard as glass.


The fact that the dirt eraser is still soft and supple is due to the further processing: the melamine resin is foamed using oxygen and then hardened. When foaming, a special structure is formed. If you look at one of the sponges under a microscope, it would look like the bath foam from the bathtub. In reality it is a filigree net made of extremely thin and flexible melamine bars. This airy structure not only ensures the cleaning effect, but also binds the rubbed off dirt particles.

By the way, the The size of the sponges has a huge impact on durability and price / performance ratio, because this depends on how easily it falls apart. But Attention, some companies offer dirt erasers with one in the middle other hard foam was glued. The sponges are touted as particularly durable, as they are stabilized by the foam. Even if this may seem to be true, we advise against buying it: The middle foam, which has no cleaning effect, not only gives you significantly less of the actual dirt eraser, but the manufacturing process is much more complex, which makes the product more expensive. We advise you to use a high-quality dirt eraser instead: This usually consists of a denser foam, which makes it more durable and it is also larger, which also leads to a longer service life.


How does the dirt eraser actually work?

What many do not know: With all the variety of cleaning agents available, their methods only lie TWO principles fundamentally.

Either: chemistry; This serves as an aid to loosening dirt and manages to neutralize certain substances due to the chemical processes.

Or: Abrasion; With this mechanical cleaning principle, the dirt is removed by grinding, scraping, etc. The more effective the cleaner, the less strenuous this procedure is. Since the dirt eraser completely dispenses with chemicals, it is one of the abrasive cleaners - and it's an extremely powerful one at that. As you learned in the previous paragraph, a high-quality dirt eraser consists 100% of an extremely filigree microstructure made of melamine resin - a plastic that has a similar hardness to glass. As soon as you rub over the dirt with the moistened dirt eraser, the structure disintegrates and the abrasive resin particles that are detached in the process rub the dirt off the surface. The particles are picked up together with the dirt particles by the dirt eraser, similar to a microfiber cloth. What remains is a clean surface.

Oh yes, hence the name eraser although it is more like a sponge is: The fine structure must disintegrate so that the detached resin particles can work. So stains can actually be erased. The dirt eraser wears out bit by bit with every use. High quality ones are also affected. However, they last significantly longer because there are more resin particles in the sponge.


How do you use dirt erasers?

As much as “high-tech” a dirt eraser is, it is very easy to use.

  • First moisten. The following applies here: the wetter it is, the faster it disintegrates and the stronger its cleaning effect. Cleaning is therefore faster. However, it then easily happens that a puddle forms.
  • Now over the dirt or the stain rub
  • Possibly with a cloth dry rub
  • Dirt eraser wash out to remove the dirt particles. Areas of the eraser that are too dirty can be removed with scissors. That was it.


Another well-intentioned advice: if the stain has not disappeared the first time, it is of little use to continue scrubbing for a long time. In this case, the dirt eraser is not suitable for removal and you should use another stain remover.


Where can you use dirt erasers? And where better not ;-)


First of all: this list will definitely never be complete. We have already received feedback from our customers on erasing and are happy to pass on their tips. We have weighted the cleaning quality accordingly.





Dirty wall: +++ He became known for this in the USA: walls are usually as clean as before. A very good effect is achieved especially on ballpoint pen stains, grease stains, wax crayons, dirty hands or marking cats. You can save yourself a change of scenery and painting.

Garden furniture: ++ Regardless of whether it is mold stains, grease stains or yellowed plastic. The furniture looks much nicer after use. Ideal for the start of the gardening season. If your furniture has become discolored due to the sun's rays, cleaning will unfortunately no longer help.

Blood stains: + A difficult case: It depends a lot on what material they are on. With textiles rather no, with everything else rather yes. Once the blood has dried up, it can often be removed. However, no general statement can be made.

Red wine stains: - You know that too? You were too hectic with the corkscrew and it happened. We can say from our own experience that it is better to use a DIFFERENT cleaning agent here.

Tea / coffee stains: +++ Whether on the worktop or in the form of edges in the cup. It works fine.

Cooking / baking utensils: ++ Residues in the pan, strong grease stains in the oven. No problem. However, you can no longer get rid of dirt that is too old and burnt in. Oh yes, adhesive residues from labels can be removed wonderfully.

Lime: + The following applies here: it depends. Strong encrustations become lighter, but do not go away completely. So you won't get a sink to shine again (tip: baking powder). However, when it comes to polishing the cutlery, there is little that is as effective.

Car: +++ From the steering wheel to the fittings and leather seats to the convertible roof: cleaning has never been more beautiful or easier. Tip: If you have old squeegees that pull stripes, run the sponge over them. The wiper is usually like new again afterwards.

Bathroom: ++ Apart from lime stains that are too old, a lot can be achieved here. Many customers have already tried it with tiles and the joints and reported positive things to us.

Office: ++ Desk, floor (be careful with laminate) and the wall are simply cleaned. Old adhesive residues from chewing gum can also be removed. The keyboard and mouse are freed from fat. Please do not get the sponge too wet. Please do NOT use on a monitor or television.

Window: + Ok, you won't be able to replace a window cleaner with this. Even streak-free looks different. With particularly stubborn stains such as bird droppings or grease stains, however, you can still work wonders and often remove them easily.

Another well-intentioned advice: Please always test on an inconspicuous area before using. Otherwise sensitive materials could be damaged. Even if some people have had good experiences with getting their teeth whiter, this is definitely not a beauty product and must not be used on the body. Children and babies should not be given the dirt eraser to play with because of the risk of suffocation.


Where can I buy dirt erasers?


You have probably already noticed that hardly any drugstore or supermarket carries this product. For this reason, you can easily order from rsw24.de.

You have a choice between one "Simple" dirt eraser and one Premium version. The premium version is round 30% longer shelf life, which makes them cheaper compared to the standard version. At the Ene of the article you can go directly to the articles.Here you get to the current overview

We do not charge shipping costs. The goods are within one working day to you sent and usually reaches you within 2 days. All of our products are immediately available and you will receive one from us Best price guarantee, which says that you will always be refunded the difference if the item is cheaper in another shop. So you don't take any chances and you have a lot more 30-day right of withdrawal.

If you have any questions or suggestions, we look forward to your comment. We wish you every success with erasing and removing dirt - without scrubbing thanks to the dirt eraser!