How is Tolkien's orc culture

What was the purpose of the “Meat is back on the menu, boys” quote in Lord of the Rings?

To be honest, I think the fact that orcs have an idea / concept of a menu, and even the fact that they may associate certain foods as "putting back on the menu", clearly suggests that there is an element modern human culture is known to the orcs. This can have several explanations. Either the orcs are not as primitive as we all would think, and in reality they actually have some basic knowledge of food. Or, due to the war against humans / elves and other advanced species, the "know your enemy" tactic has allowed the orcs to adopt some sort of concept of food based on their extensive knowledge of the other races gained through winning develop intelligence as it is known that the forces of Morgoth and Sauron actually had many spies and agents. This intel could have been engraved on its own orc culture (as it is known that in orc society there are those who tend to eat food, e.g. meat from local animals prepared as a meal).

However, it could also be that the orcs have just used slang to exaggerate how they now have what they crave, meaty meat. With the exclamation "Meat back on the menu!" clearly shows that the orcs are very excited to have their new favorite food to choose from again as it is pretty obvious that the moldy bread they were given as a ration is still an option for them to eat it. This new selection of meat or bread has created a kind of menu for the orcs, and with their knowledge of what a menu is, the Uruk has proclaimed that meat is finally back on their menu / selection.


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