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Where can I post a UI design for feedback from the community?

I want to post a design that I'm working on to get feedback and suggestions from the community. Is this page a good place or are there other more suitable pages?

One useful site is FiveSecondTest.

It's quick and easy (and free) to leave comments on your UI. However, I believe there is a fee for submitting your own UI designs for feedback. I've only ever used it to take tests, not to get feedback on my own designs, so I can't vouch for how useful the feedback received is.

Forrst.com is an up and coming UI design community site that I loved. Try it.

If you have a well-defined question, you can get answers from professionals here too. However, avoid asking overly general questions, such as: B. the design, but ask separate questions about the menu, search bar, etc.

I recommend www.usertesting.com.

You will receive a video of a user talking on your website. They choose the questions they answer.

The downside is that at $ 29 to $ 39 per test, it's a bit pricey. However, I think getting feedback from users can be a lot more helpful than just getting feedback from other designers.

For starters, you can post it here and UX stackexchange users will be honored to help with their design feedback.

Another website community to post your design to is Dribbble. It's a good design community where you can share and receive feedback from great designers around the world.

For certain UX questions, this page is a great resource, but it's not the best place to say, in general, "What do you think of my design?" Ask. For quick feedback, I like fivesecondtest, for longer answers you might want to try conceptfeedback (it focuses a little on the graphical side, but you can get valuable UX advice there too).

Forrst.com and Dribbble.com (on invitations) are the most common online resources. Because to really get feedback from a community, you first need a strong community. And since these two sites have been here for a while, they are providing you with valuable feedback. I can add Behance.net and Lovedsgn.com which are also popular in the community.

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