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The impressive jersey collections of Lionel Messi and Co

F.C. Barcelona, ​​Lionel Messi's club, had to surrender the championship title to Real Madrid this year, but if there was a prize for the largest collection of football shirts, the prize would go to LionelMessi. Let's take a look at the most impressive soccer jersey collections together!

The Gerard Piqué collection
Whenever Gerard Piqué takes a picture of his collection Soccer jerseys shares, it gets a lot of attention. The 36 jerseys that were recently spread out on the floor received over 13,000 likes and over 10,000 retweets on Twitter. He dedicated a fancy tweet to his favorite jersey: it was a gift from Carles Puyol, one of his closest friends.

Ronaldinho’s biggest fan
Giovanny Tocohua could actually be Ronaldinho’s biggest fan. For him it must have been the best day of his life when Ronaldinho personally took a photo of his Ronaldinho Jersey collection published on Twitter. The picture shows Giovanny in front of his over 70 jerseys. The name of his legend is emblazoned on each and every one of them is wearing one of these shirts himself. Since he started collecting in 1999, Giovanny has already spent over 35,000 euros on various memorabilia relating to his star Ronaldinho.

Ronaldinho himself also offered his fans a little glimpse into his own collection of shirts. To celebrate his 10 millionth follower on Instagram, he integrated his jerseys in this picture in a very creative way.

And of course Messi himself
And now to the footballer of all footballers: Lionel Messi. How impressive is his collection? Well, see for yourself.

There he is, with his son Thiago and an incredible collection of jerseys. In the more than 13 years of his amazing career, he was always able to swap jerseys with other players and in this way built up a huge private collection. These include some world footballers as well as smaller names. Most likely this picture is just the tip of the iceberg and actually he has a lot more jerseys than you can see in this picture. Nevertheless: this impression also points to an impressive collection!

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