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Captain Jack Sparrow (*1689[4] in a typhoon at sea, † 1728[4] eaten by the octopus, was later resuscitated) is a pirate and captain of the Black Pearl. He is also the pirate lord of the Caribbean[5] and thus a member of the Brotherhood High Council. He is very peculiar, but always keeps a smart and cool head. Jack Sparrow is proud of that Black Pearl, but it is precisely because of her that he repeatedly gets into an argument with his adversary and former first mate, Hector Barbossa. He always has illogical sentences in store (for example, about distraction), which make up an essential part of his peculiar character.



Jack Sparrow (book series)

Jack Sparrow was born in a typhoon to Edward Teague.

When Jack was a young teenager he owned this Barnacle, a small ship. Jack's first crew consisted of Arabella Smith and Fitzwilliam P. Dalton III, with whom he set sail from Salty Cove. In search of the sword of Cortés, the crew arrived on Isla Esquelética, where Jean Magliore and Tumen and Jean's sister, Constance Magliore, signed on to the crew. The crew defeated Captain Torrents, after which Jack assumed the title "Captain".

A short time later, Jack left his crew on Isla Fortuna after the sword of Cortés had turned the barnacle into a large galleon. With the power of the sword, Jack was able to occupy the ship alone, but could not prevent it from wrecking a British naval ship. The ship later returned to normal and the ghost of Hernán Cortés was defeated. The crew would later leave the ship for their respective hometowns, with only Jack and Fitzwilliam to brave an encounter with Davy Jones, though Jack would soon be reunited with his friends.

Captain of the Wicked Wench

Jack hired on the Wicked Wench under the command of Captain Morgan. He and the crew went to war against the pirate hunter Armando Salazar. After Morgan was fatally injured during the fight, he gave Jack his magical compass and declared him the new captain. With a daring maneuver, he managed to lure Captain Salazar and his crew including ship into the Devil's Triangle, where they were all cursed.

The Price of Freedom

The High Council of the Brotherhood had an unknown opponent, this sunk ships, including the Cobra, that ship from Hector Barbossa. An official meeting was called on the shipwreck island, and young Jack Sparrow was also present. One day when that La Vipère Docked on the shipwreck island, the pirate lords discovered that the captain of the ship, Christophe-Julien de Rapièr, is one of the opponents. Christophe and his entire crew were locked in a cell on Shipwreck Island, but they escaped with the help of Jack Sparrow, who believed Christophe was innocent. But Christopher's villains kidnapped Jack and took him aboard their ship. After a while, Jack was able to flee with his acquaintance, Robert Greene.

Thereafter, Jack and Greene joined the East India Trading Company. Jack sailed aboard the as second mate Fair wind, a brig of the East India Trading Company, under Captain Nathaniel Bainbridge. When he was about twenty years old, the ship was taken from the Venganza attacked a pirate frigate commanded by Lady Esmeralda. Bainbridge was killed during the battle, but the ship's first officer, Jack Sparrow, was able to convince the pirates to only take a third of the ship's rum load.

Then Sparrow took command of the Fair wind and sailed to London. When the ship returned to its home port, Calabar, Africa, Sparrow and Greene passed their report on to the EITC's local director for West African affairs, Cutler Beckett. After that meeting, Sparrow was promoted to the rank of captain and given command of the Wicked Wench, Jack's old ship. Jack became friends with Cutler Beckett at the time.

When he received the order to transport goods from Africa to the Caribbean, he was appalled, as the latter consisted of African slaves. He strictly refused, since in his opinion freedom was the greatest gift. The East India Trading Company was not very pleased; he was branded a pirate and the Wicked Wench burned, causing it to sink[7]. A short time later he entered into a deal with Davy Jones, which the Wicked Wench hid, but only on the condition that Jack gave him 13 years later for 100 years on his cursed ship, the Flying Dutchman, should serve. The Wicked Wench was changed because the fire had turned it completely black. That's why he named her in Black Pearl around.

Captain of the Black Pearl

13 years before the first film started, Jack was on his ship, the Black Pearl, who is known for her black sails, travels the Caribbean as a pirate captain. Two years later, his first mate, Hector Barbossa, managed to instigate a mutiny and become captain himself (which Jack still has not forgiven him. The argument between the two of who now owns the ship continues in all films, in those Jack and Hector on the Pearl are).

After the mutiny, the crew abandoned Jack on a desert island. As the Pirate Code says, they left him a pistol with a single bullet that he should be able to use to shoot himself before he died of thirst or starvation.

But Jack managed to escape from the island by, as he tells everyone, tied two turtles together and fled on their backs.

When they land on the same island, he finally confesses to Elizabeth that the island is a smugglers' hideout and that he made a deal with the smugglers to take him away.

Later he almost thanks him for his fate, because if he had sailed with the pirates, he would have found the cursed treasure of Cortés with them on the Isla de Muerta and if the treasure had been stolen it would have become what happened to his former crew: an undead that can only come back to life if all the coins are brought back and each of the thieves gives some of their blood.

At an unknown point in time, he met Angelica (fourth film) in a Spanish women's convent, who should have become a nun there, but was cast out because - through Jack - she was no longer a virgin. Jack later replies cheekily that he had just mistaken the monastery for a brothel when he turned up there.

pirates of the Caribbean

Jack Sparrow first appears in Pirates of the Caribbean when he arrives at Port Royal in a sinking boat in search of a ship to hijack. Although he saves Elizabeth Swann from drowning, he is jailed for piracy. That same night, the ghost ship attacksBlack Pearl Port Royal at. Captain Barbossa kidnaps Elizabeth, who he believes can break an ancient Aztec curse that he and his crew are under. As a result of the curse, the pirates are immortal skeletons. Will Turner, the armourer who loves Elizabeth, frees Sparrow to help save her. They hijack themHMS Interceptor and recruit a crew in Tortuga before heading to Isla de Muerta, where Elizabeth is being held. Because Will thinks Jack wants to betray him, he knocks him down, flees with Elizabeth and leaves Jack behind.

With his art of persuasion and the knowledge of the true Turner offspring, Jack eases himself out of a fix and follows with BarbossaHMS Interceptor. The much faster oneBlack Pearl get theInterceptor one, Barbossa sinks the brig. He captures Will and puts Sparrow and Elizabeth on a small island - the same small island on which the former captain of theBlack Pearl as a result of the mutiny of his first mate Barbossa and his crew with a single-shot pistol. The island was used as a depot by rum smugglers, which enabled Jack to barter with them and thus escape the island. Over the years this story was embellished more and more without Jack's involvement and at some point it was announced that he had escaped on two sea turtles - a fact that Jack would of course never contradict ...

Jack and Elizabeth are rescued by the Royal Navy, which sighted Elizabeth's smoke signal. Sparrow offers Commodore Norrington to give him theBlack Pearl and deliver their crew. Norrington agrees to the deal after being persuaded by Elizabeth, and Jack manages to attack BarbossaHMS Dauntless to persuade. He makes one of the cursed medallions disappear in his sleeve and uses the Aztec curse as life insurance. Only then can he fight Barbossa promisingly. He finally kills him with the only shot that Barbossa once let him - and that at the moment when Will holds both his own locket and Jack's locket, moistened with the blood of the respective holder, in his hand over the stone chest, thus breaking the curse .

The Royal Navy captures the surviving pirates including Jack Sparrow, who is later sentenced to death. When he is about to be executed, Will Turner manages to save him, but they are quickly caught. But Commodore Norrington and Governor Swann are reluctant to continue the execution. Will is granted mercy, Jack escapes as he falls from the fortress wall. Sparrow is fished up by his crew and again as captain of theBlack Pearl accepted. Commodore Norrington is so impressed by the clever pirate that he gives him a day's head start before the chase begins.

Legend of the Aztec Idol!

Bo'sun, Pintel and Ragetti escape from the dungeon at Port Royal. They take Koehler's body to Isla de Muerta to revive him and to become skeletons again. They succeed in becoming immortal again. Then they travel to the Aztec Empire to steal a statue, but Jack Sparrow can stop them and break the curse again, so that Koehler is dead again.

Pirates of the Caribbean 2

Jack is looking for that Dead Man's Chest. Thirteen years earlier he had asked the ghostly Captain Davy Jones to sink Black Pearl to get him off the bottom of the sea, to make him captain and sell his soul for it. Now Sparrow faces the problem, either a hundred years as an ordinary crew member on the Flying Dutchman having to serve or by Jones’s octopus in the Relaxed to be drawn. Neither prospect is alluring. So Sparrow wants them Dead Man's Chestwho holds Jones' heart to kill him and thereby rid himself of the blood debt.

Jack receives a visit from "Bootstrap Bill" Turner, who is part of Jones' crew. Bill marks it with the black mark that attracts Jones ’monsters. In his panic, Jack and his crew hid on the island of Pelegosto. The cannibals living there consider him to be a god in human form and want to eat him in order to free the god.

Lord Cutler Beckett wants to settle his own score with Jack. He forces Will Turner to look for him while Elizabeth languishes in dungeon. Will and Elizabeth only know that Beckett wants Jack Sparrow's compass, but they don't know his exact intentions. Will finds Jack on Pelegosto. Together with Jack's crew, they can escape from the island. However, Jack soon cheats on Will by hitting him on the Flying Dutchman lures and leaves him to Davy Jones as part of a new deal - one hundred souls in three days for Jack's soul. To get the remaining ninety-nine souls together, Jack sails to Tortuga and tries to hire people there. There he unexpectedly meets Elizabeth Swann, who has since escaped prison, and James Norrington, who has become a drunkard. Jack is able to convince Elizabeth that she can free Will using Jack's magical compass Dead Man's Chest finds. The compass leads you to Isla Cruces. Will arrives on the island after stealing the key to the chest and the key from Jones Flying Dutchman could escape.

Will intends to pierce Jones ’heart to free his father, while Norrington intends to hand the heart over to Beckett to regain his honor. Jack fears the Kraken will continue to chase him if Jones dies from a stab in the heart. The three battle the claim to the heart with cutlass when Jones ’crew arrives to secure the heart for their master. Norrington manages to get hold of the heart and the letters of piracy with Beckett's signature and seal, with which Jack should be lured. Jones summons the octopus to do the Black Pearl attacks.

When Elizabeth realizes that the Kraken is only after Jack Sparrow, she tricked him, chains him to the mast of the Black Pearl to save yourself and the rest of the crew. Sparrow and his ship are dragged into the locker.