Which planet is the most beautiful

Saturn - the planet with the most beautiful rings

Saturn is twice as far from the sun as Jupiter. Its dense atmosphere of hydrogen and helium surrounds its solid rock core. Saturn is 95 times as heavy as Earth. But since it is so large in relation to the earth, it is very light in relation to its size - so light that it would even float on water. Its rings are already visible with a small telescope. Because of the rings it is often called the ring planet. The planet Planet takes its name from the Roman god of agriculture.

The rings of Saturn

Like Jupiter, Saturn is one of the gas giants. With the telescope we see its yellowish atmosphere with dark and somewhat lighter bands of clouds. Saturn cannot come up with hurricanes like those on Jupiter. But he has a very impressive ring system. The researchers estimate the number of rings to be 100,000. The rings consist of rocks, lumps of ice and dust and some are only a few meters thick. The other three gas planets Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune also have rings, but they can only be seen at close range. At least 62 moons orbit Saturn. The inner moons are in the ring system. They whiz around Saturn with the rings and hold the rings in place. They are also called "shepherd moons". The moons rotate around it in the direction of rotation of the Satrun. Only the moon Phoebe circles in the opposite direction. It is likely a planetoid that has been captured by the gravity of the Satrun.

To the ice moon ocean

Nobody has ever seen an ice moon ocean. Ice moon oceans have so far only existed in the minds of scientists. You understand it to be a huge frozen sea on a moon. There could be such an ice moon ocean on Jupiter's moons Europa, Ganymede, Callisto or Enceladus. Active geysers have already been observed on Enceladus. Further research is to be carried out with probes. A Kyobot could land on Enceladus and melt through the 80 km thick layer of ice. Once in the ocean, it would release the hydro robot, which would dive through the ocean on its own and explore it with its instruments.

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