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5D cinema

New form of the "adventure cinema", which is supposed to gain new attractiveness for the audience through exaggerated illusion of the reality, characters and events depicted. 3D films will be shown as they are known from IMAX productions. So-called Sensory seats make the 5D effect possible - black leather seats that move to the right or left in sync with the film, tilt back, sag up or down. In the armrests of the black armchairs there are also scent nozzles that can emit odor impulses or water droplets. Since summer 2005 there have been two 5D cinemas with 36 seats in Vienna and Linz. Mobile trial events of the Austrian trade fair and marketing agency Primecine and Germany's largest cinema operator Cinestar took place in January 2006.
The 5D cinema belongs to the long series of attempts to integrate the human senses into the illusion of the narrative beyond ears and eyes in the cinema. However, this cinema will remain a marginal feature of the entertainment industry, similar to Imax Rides, simulation rides and even most 3D cinemas remain limited to amusement parks or individual events: (1) far too few films are made for these exploitations; (2) the experience wears out quickly, loses its “value”; (3) Measured against the pace of the narrative, haptic and olfactory stimuli are far too slow to effectively support the illusion; (4) the exploitation chain of normal films today watches distribution formats that cannot even be presented in 3D.


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