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Fresh from the farm on the table: Florida relies on weekly markets

The U.S. According to the Department of Agriculture, the number of farmers markets in the US has increased 76 percent in the past five years. According to the Department of Agriculture, two thirds of Florida's population live less than 15 minutes' drive from a weekly market. In the Sunshine State, farmers from the surrounding area offer their fresh fruit and vegetables for sale at least once a week in almost all villages and towns.

The markets are not only a healthy and inexpensive way to buy fresh ingredients, but also a meeting place and great inspiration for amateur cooks and "foodies". Since some unusual fruits also thrive in the tropical temperatures of Florida, there are always new suggestions and interesting flavor combinations to discover.

A shopping spree at the farmers' market can also be combined with a trip, for example to Hollywood, where South Florida's largest weekly market, the Yellow Green Farmers Market, or to Bradenton or Fort Pierce. In addition to fruit and vegetables, honey, fish, baked goods and flowers are offered here every Saturday morning in the Historic Downtown District.

In addition to fresh products, products from local artisans are also increasingly available. If you are looking for herbs, local plants or unusual fruit trees, you could definitely find what you are looking for at the local farmers market, for example at the popular, year-round Pinecrest Garden Farmers Market, one of almost 20 markets in the Miami region alone. Naples and Fort Myers are also strongholds for fresh fruit and vegetables with over 10 Farmers Markets. In many localities, the weekly market now represents a piece of community and culture.

Thanks to the good weather, you can shop in numerous markets all year round; only in the hot summer months do some markets take a break. To find out where to shop in your area, visit: http://farmersmarketsflorida.com or visit the Florida Department for Agriculture website.