Where do grape nuts get their name from?

Too much is not too much

Art of living

Art of living

Wilhelm Schmid

Do you suffer from this overwhelming passion as I do? Not only is it overwhelming, but most importantly, it is insatiable. Once chocolate, always chocolate. It is a wonder that this kind of passion has not long been recognized as a disease. A disease that could be called "chocolate disease", for example. This would then have the advantage that research funds would be used for her healing, drugs would be developed and one could justify work absences with her. On the other hand: As long as all of this does not exist, we have no choice but to stick to the tried and tested means of self-medication, which is also not so miserable. Our pharmacies are the chocolateries with well-sounding names like “Bitter & Zart”. There we find everything we need, bars in all conceivable proportions: 30, 50, 70 percent cocoa content, brown, dark brown, black-brown. At the latest at 100 percent, however, nothing melts on the tongue anymore, and in such a case one would probably have to speak of a dust explosion.

Many different ingredients are possible: Not just rum, grapes, nuts, the classics. Also vanilla, cinnamon, pepper, salt, paprika, ginger, if possible not all at the same time. Impossible ever to get enough of it! Now is the time to re-test the limits. True enough: Too much is not good. But not too little either. What would be the right measure: can we know in advance? This cannot be done without experiments, and that means, not without errors. Aristotle, the thinker of measure, once considered it inevitable "to turn occasionally to the side of too much and then to that of too little, for this is the easiest way to find the right middle and the right one".

Did he already know the chocolate? There is not so much to fear that there will be too little. If there is too much, everything depends on giving it a cultivated note. Because even a seemingly simple act like enjoying chocolate can still be refined, especially with the help of theoretical knowledge: where do the cocoa beans come from, what proportion of healthy tannins, how are they processed, how they are mixed, with which fat, which sugar? The pleasure is overwhelming when the right mixture of ingredients slowly melts away. It's a shame if that happens too suddenly without foreplay. The delay is magical, it is unfortunate when nothing melts, when the palate sticks. Yes, some things are reminiscent of a love game. Chocolateopathy, like love, is the suffering of a passion. Is it worth a life without passion? Chocolate contributes to the fullness of life. The dosage may be important. But it doesn't have to be homeopathic.

The author lives as a freelance philosopher in Berlin. New book: Be friends with yourself. Suhrkamp-Verlag, Frankfurt a. M. 2004. www.lebenskunstphilosophie.de The author lives as a freelance philosopher in Berlin. New book: Be friends with yourself. Suhrkamp-Verlag, Frankfurt a. M. 2004.