What is Craigslist

Craigslist Term Explanation and Definition

Craigslist is one Online platform for classified adsthat can be entered in categories such as "Jobs", "Housing", "Personals", "For Sale", "Wanted", "Events" or "Community". There are also various discussion forums on the site. Craigslist was founded in 1995 by Craig Newmark in the form of an email newsletter, which was mainly limited to the announcement of events in and around San Francisco. It was not until 1996 that it developed into its own internet service that dealt with a wide variety of categories.

The story of Craigslist

After this Craig Newmark, the founder of Craigslist, saw how social and community platforms had become increasingly established on the Internet, he decided to create a similar website for local events. So at the beginning of 1995, he began sending emails to many of his friends who initially mostly dealt with events, software, and developers working in the San Francisco Bay Area.

They reached them relatively quickly Newsletter Well known from Newmark for word of mouth. The number of subscribers and contributions rose continuously and after a short time the mail list was also used for postings that were not exclusively about the announcement of events. In particular, people with vacancies in technology began to use the list to get in touch with people with the appropriate skills. This led to Newmark creating a new category called "Jobs“Introduced.

User demand for additional categories was not long in coming and the number of categories rose continuously. Since the mailing list soon reached its limits and the users expressed interest in their own Internet platform, the "craigslist.org" page was launched in 1996. In early 1998, Craig Newmark was still thinking that Craigslist was just a fun hobby and continued to focus on his career as a software developer, but his platform's notoriety and popularity continued to grow.

In April 2000 the time had finally come when a total of 9 employees were employed for the website in an apartment in San Francisco. Also in 2000, Jim Buckmaster jumped on board and joined the company as chief developer and CTO. Above all, he contributed to the development of the multi-city architecture of the site, the Search function to optimize, as well as discussion forums, the homepage design, the categories and the best-of-Craigslist function to improve.

As of 2004, Craigslist began doing pro Job advertisement from New York and Los Angeles to charge $ 25 for the first time. At the same time, the new “Gigs” category was also integrated, in which unpaid jobs and small sideline jobs as well as internships could be advertised free of charge. There is now on Craigslist over 700 city pages from 70 countries. While some of these pages cover large regions, some pages focus on individual metropolitan regions. For example, the states of Delaware and Wyoming have their own page on Craigslist, as does the Colorado Western Slope or California Gold Country Region.

Craigslist facts and figures

Craigslist lists over today 50 billion page views per month. This makes the platform 37th of the most visited websites worldwide and 10th among all American websites. There are almost 50 million visitors a month from the USA alone. In addition, about 80 million advertisements and 2 million job offers are entered on Craigslist every month, which makes the portal the leading provider in this area.

The 23 largest American cities each have their own page on Craigslist and receive over 300,000 postings every day - in the categories "sale" and "Housing market". The advertisements placed range from traditional offers to buy and sell to the announcement of community events, major events and job offers. In 2009, a total of 28 people worked at Craigslist.

Company information on Craigslist

In December 2006, Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster announced at the UBS Global Media Conference in New York that the platform was less interested in maximizing profits than a useful and meaningful aid to its users. The main source of income for Craigslist is primarily the Job advertisements from major cities For example, the cost of one listing is $ 75 for the San Francisco Bay Region and $ 25 for New York City, Los Angeles, San Diego, Boston, Seattle, Washington, Orange County, Philadelphia, and Portland.

However, the company does not publish precise information regarding the financial situation and the ownership structure. However, analysts and industry insiders have estimated annual sales of $ 10 million in 2004, $ 20 million in 2005, $ 25 million in 2006 and $ 150 million in 2007.

In August 2004, Newmark reported that that a large internet auction house bought 25% of the company's shares. This raised concerns among many Craigslist fans and followers, who were critical of future developments and the long-term effects of this involvement. In fact, as a result of these events, there have been no major changes to the site and the model has not been fundamentally changed. No advertising banners were introduced, nor were additional fees aimed at private providers.

Craigslist Page Properties

The site is best known for the fact that it has not changed significantly since it was activated in 1996 design or at the use. Even by the conditions that prevailed on the Internet in the mid-1990s, the page design is comparatively simple and unspectacular and almost exclusively does without the use of CSS or JavaScript.

According to Newmark, Craigslist works primarily because of the active participation of users, a sense of community, mutual trust, and privacy. Other factors make the simple, according to Newmark user interface, the good Customer service and the concentration on essential points. The founder of Craigslist even responded negatively to an offer to integrate banner advertising on the site. Only as an April Fool's joke was there a one-off joke banner on the platform in 2002.

The language offering on Craigslist has also expanded over the years. In March 2008, the languages ​​Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and of course the source language English were already supported.

"Flagging" on Craigslist

In addition, there is a so-called "Flagging"-System. This function allows the website operator to react quickly and easily to illegal or inappropriate postings and advertisements.

Users can mark certain advertisements that they believe will be the Craigslist Policies violate. This is possible for every visitor to the site and does not require login or registration. In addition, the "flagging" takes place anonymously. As soon as a certain advertisement has been marked as problematic enough times, it will be automatically deleted. The number of "flagging" markings required differs and is only known internally.

There are a total of three categories, which is why an advertisement can be reported. Either due to incorrect categorization, prohibited content or because of Spam content. It sometimes happens that the "flagging" system is abused in the form of vandalism in order to achieve the deliberate deletion of certain advertisements.

Personals ads on Craigslist

Over the years Craigslist has become a popular platform for people looking to date or have sex. The "Personals" section consists of the categories "purely platonic", "romance / dating" and "sex contacts".

Craigslist has proven to be widely used, especially in lesbian and gay circles Platform for finding a partner establish. As a result, the categories “man seeks man” and “woman seeks woman” have been added to the Craigslist platform to make it easier for homosexual men and women to find suitable partners. However, this met with criticism, as various conservative circles criticized that this would lead to an increased spread of sexually transmitted diseases. However, these sub-categories have been retained on Craigslist.

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