How can I download content from Instagram

Download videos from Instagram in 3 steps

Markus Fasse

Fashion, travel, delicious food: Instagram is the Eldorado for trendy photos from all over the world. But there are also a lot of great videos. Learn how to download videos from Instagram and IGTV here.

EnlargeSaw a cool video on Instagram? How to download it.

Social media platforms are a fast-moving area. Photos and videos just gush through the feeds on Facebook, Instagram and Co. If you also subscribe to many users who record their story with a lot of video material on Instagram, for example, you may quickly lose track of the rapid upload speed. It is very useful to simply download one or the other film right away.

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Download videos from Instagram: The easiest way is via the app

A little trick is necessary to download a video from Instagram. By default, Facebook's photo and video platform does not offer a corresponding download function. With the Instdown app, that's no problem at all. Practical: The mobile application is available for iOs as well as Android and has a completely identical structure. And this is how it works:

  1. First download Instdown for your smartphone (Google Play / App Store).

  2. The links to videos on Instagram or the freshly started IGTV can be found in the context menu of the clip within the Instagram or IGTV app (the menu structure is the same): Play the film and tap on the three dots at the bottom right. Now select "Copy link".

  3. Now switch to the Instdown app. The program couldn't be simpler: In the middle, the clear application has already inserted the copied video link. The app recognizes when a corresponding link has been copied into the clipboard of the smartphone or tablet. Tap the play button on the right - the video will download.

Download videos from Instagram in browser

Windows Phone users are best off using the desktop PC. Because Instagram videos can also be downloaded from the computer without any problems. Instead of an app, a website helps here. How to download Instagram videos on your computer:

  1. Go to the video you want on Instagram's web application and play it.

  2. Click on the three dots in the lower right corner of the video and then click on "Copy link".

  3. Visit the website Copy the link into the search field and click on "Dredown". A loading bar now runs across the top of the website - you will then see a green button: Here is the direct download link. Finally, download the video.

What is IGTV please?

Instagram TV (or IGTV for short) is a new project by the photo and video professionals. Basically, this is a platform designed for vertical videos that is supposed to function similarly to a television program: if you open the specially designed app, the most popular videos start automatically. The highlight: At IGTV, video clips can be up to an hour long. Up until now, videos on Instagram were limited to one minute of playtime. PC Welt is also represented on IGTV, take a look.

Refrain from uploading

While the mere download of Instagram videos is not a legal problem, the re-upload is different. Whoever downloads videos from other users is not the author of the footage. A new upload would therefore be unlawful distribution. Another case is if you have the consent of the producer or if the video material is clearly marked with a corresponding Creative Commons License. In case of doubt, however, you should refrain from uploading and save the video on your home hard drive for personal use.