What is a spliterator in Java 8

// Spliterator under Java 8

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With the streams from Java 8 there is a powerful tool with which one can also process collections in parallel very conveniently. The heart of this mechanism is the spliterator, which can not only deliver its elements individually like an iterator, but also - appropriately partitioned - in blocks.

In this lecture, the spliterator will be presented and shown where it can be used everywhere. It demonstrates how to write your own spliterator, what needs to be taken into account (e.g. non-interference or late binding) and how it then behaves in connection with parallel streams in particular.

Knowledge of Java (or a comparable OO language) is helpful. Knowledge of Lambda is not required.

learning goals
The participants are guided by the well-known iterator model to a parallel variant of the same, the spliterator. Fundamental techniques and problems of parallel processing that arise from the fork-join model are explained. In addition, participants learn how to use the existing Java infrastructure by writing a spliterator.

// Speaker

// Michael Wiedeking

is the founder and managing director of MATHEMA Software. He has been a Java programmer from the very beginning, regularly writes articles and speaks at conferences. Most of all, he "collects" programming languages ​​and deals with their design and implementation.