Why am i a princess

Man this is an adventure! I am a princess!

"Dad, honk!" Shouts my two and a half year old daughter from the back seat of our car. We are standing behind a car in the left-turn lane with the traffic light on red. From her perspective, she only sees the green traffic light in the main lane and the cars whizzing past us on the right. I would like to honk loudly with laughter, that's how much your request tells me about me and my obviously loud aggression in traffic.

Days later, I start a conversation with my vehement requestor about princesses without designating them as such. She replies vehemently: “I am not a princess! I'm Alma! ”With a laugh I realize that she knows who she is much better than I do, and proudly think to myself:“ The country needs strong women ”- and that we parents are doing something quite right, at least on this point. On the same day, our older daughter (5) told me: “Dad, I'm much more normal than you anyway.” The question of who I am has long been in favor of the questions “What am I burning for?”, “What drives me? "and" What do I stand for? " I ask myself these questions a lot. What leads to a restless existence in my case, I can say with relative certainty, which has also been confirmed by my wife many times. What is normal if it's normal for me? In any case, I hope that our children will be able to track their needs, passions and inclinations and live them out in such a way that it is normal. Of course, this should never be done at the expense of others. They should decide for themselves what they like, and they should learn to stand by themselves, even if others do not like it. Conversely, they should have respect for other normalities. You have to admit that I am every bit as ready to call my daughter. (I'm laughing at what you can't hear but can imagine.) Seriously, as long as we can laugh at ourselves, the situation may be hopeless, but never hopeless. Even the apparently contradicting Austrian variant - it is hopeless, but not hopeless - is based on the principle of hope. In this sense, we remain incessantly creative, we mercilessly neglect our own comforts and confront those with certainty who would never laugh at themselves in life. Sometimes I'm on the road as a honking princess. If you meet me doing it, please laugh at me with me!

Norbert Trawöger is the father of two daughters, a husband, a musician, director of the “Kepler Salon” and artistic director of the “Bruckner Orchester Linz”.