Probiotics need to be refrigerated

Probiotics: "Yogurt doesn't cure depression"

In my opinion, we are still at the very beginning here. I don't know of any probiotic for which a clinically relevant effect has been convincingly proven. As studies in healthy people have shown, probiotics can affect brain function and subjectively improve mood. Otherwise there is only initial evidence that they may help sick people - this may reduce the risk of ADHD or Asperger's Syndrome. And it is hoped that probiotics will soon be able to support therapy against depression. Because so much is still unclear at the moment, the focus is more on finding out which bacteria are actually suitable for helping people.

Most studies look at the effects of probiotics given as drugs. What about probiotic foods such as yogurt, sauerkraut, or kimchi?

Strictly speaking, these are not probiotics, because most of the bacteria in them are broken down by acid in the stomach. In yoghurts, they can even be lost beforehand if they have not been chilled throughout. The bacteria in medicines and supplements are encapsulated to make sure they get through to the gut. Bacteria from probiotic foods can always slip through, but from a scientific point of view they are useless because there are too many uncertainties. In my opinion, yogurt will not cure depression, but it may still do something positive for one or the other person. Everyone has to try it out for themselves. The advantage of food is that it has few side effects.

Do you recommend this for probiotics too?

I think we should use probiotics just as wisely as medication and not see them as a lifestyle product that makes you healthy. Probiotics are made up of many special bacteria that each have different effects. Anyone who wants to take them should look at each probiotic to see what effects it might have.

Can probiotics be harmful too?