Is chemistry more difficult to study than physics

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Hi Guys,
I have been thinking about starting a medical degree for a long time and have already dealt with the subject in more detail.

However, my real knowledge in this direction is limited to a little deeper knowledge of anatomy. Since there is of course a lot more to studying medicine, I want to ask you how difficult chemistry and physics are in basic studies, since these two subjects were among the weaker subjects during my school days.
Of course, I would try to compensate for my weaknesses in these two subjects with a high willingness to learn and a high learning curve.

Do you think that's realistic? And how deep is the knowledge that you can get in these two subjects.

Thanks in advance.


The material corresponds roughly to what you have in the LK in the upper level, only condensed into one semester. However, you can also pass an exam if you haven't understood the things 100%, which was more difficult at school. There you had to apply knowledge, in the course of studies it is "only" asked for. ;-)

Intermediate to advanced basic course level, maximum. So well feasible, even if you weren't the luminaire in these areas at school, I would say. Of course you have to do a little bit for it, but you get used to it quickly ;-)

Intermediate to advanced basic course level, maximum.

It sure depends on the university. What we did in chemistry was more like LK level ... our LK people laughed at physics, while I, as someone who voted out, had to fight. :-))

well, I'm not in the elitist south either :-D

(We still have failure rates of ~ 50, 60% in chemistry. But it is more due to the people than the exam level * duck *)

It sure depends on the university.

That is surely correct. I only know the physics lecture from two universities, Bonn and Berlin, and the level of both is well below school level.

In addition, it is almost always the case that no modern physics is done, in other words, the physics of the last hundred years is either completely neglected or gently breathed in. Mechanics, electricity, optics and thermodynamics are the usually dominant topics.

Chemistry in Bonn is difficult and I think physics is easy everywhere. But chemistry is easily above the LK upper school level (LK 13 points). The failure rate of the intermediate exam is around 50-60%.
But everything is possible.

Well, Kai, I can understand your concerns very well, because when I was at school, when I realized that I would like to study medicine, it happened that I doubted whether I would make it.
That's why I want to tell you that you can really do it (don't let the utterances "LK -Niveu" and the quotation of any quotas, in the end hardly anyone leave because of chemistry or physics). If you don't have that talent for these subjects, then you have to kneel in a little more than others and practice a little more for the exams and then you get it really good (someone tells you who was not a light in either subject, she didn't even have it to the end - chemistry only up to 9 and physics up to 10 - but mastered both well in her studies).

Don't be afraid, I had, have and never will have a clue about physics and chemistry and still passed both subjects straight away.
I just had to give it a go, but it's definitely doable. These are both minor subjects that you just have to deal with for a semester, but after that it will definitely get better ...: -party

It certainly depends on the university. I think so too - I have already heard from many friends that there are quite a few nice differences in these "basic subjects" at the individual universities.
Chemistry is relatively easy for us at the moment because we have a lecturer who is very relaxed about it. On the other hand, physics has picked up sharply this year ...
Nevertheless, both should be possible (at least I hope for myself too, since my last partial exam is still pending in both subjects * mmh *) and if not at the first attempt, then you have the opportunity to go to the post-exam, what you don't have it when you are at school (at most universities there are between 3 and 5 attempts per subject!). So should be feasible.

You don't have to be afraid of any of these subjects, I can only speak of marburg. everything is very feasible, for the most part even completely without any knowledge of the matter.

I still haven't understood how to read a periodic table but still passed the chemistry exam straight away. In the physikum I whistled for the 10 questions about chemistry and everything was great :-))

and I think physics is easy everywhere
At least Aachen would take better out of this blanket statement ;-) Terrible memories * shake *

At some point we had softened our Assi and he realized that we are all rubbish in physics. From then on we no longer had to correct our protocols (two, three and four times) if they were wrong. :-))

The exam again ... hmmmm ... was just hard work. You had to know these 2 A4 pages of formulas by heart, that was enough. Often I didn't know what I was actually calculating: -oopss

Often I didn't know what I was actually calculating: -oopss

Often? Respect! I never knew
: -oopss

Well, I'm not completely stupid. ;-)

I still haven't understood how to read a periodic table but still passed the chemistry exam straight away.

Neither do I. But didn't do anything. We learned it by heart!
Period 1-3

Elite south hurray!



i wouldn’t see it that easy. it depends on the university you are in. in my semester there were people who had it as lk in school and had great scores in high school but really had to fight during the university course. i had tutoring myself with someone who had previously studied chemistry with a good degree and even that person couldn't do everything. And it also depends on the profs, for example, we had to calculate with questions in physics before the attempts and were then fetched from the room by the profs and were allowed to prove our ability on a board in the hallway, which was then rated as + or - and that was really extreme. So many were kicked out of the internship even though they knew it. With a lot of work, diligence and discipline, everything is possible. In this sense, all the best for everyone who still has this ahead of them

Hello again,

Thanks for all the answers.

I can say that most of them really gave me courage, because I am also one of those people who just enjoyed doing their time in chemistry and physics.
But since there was one or the other there who felt the same, it doesn't seem to be completely impossible;)

Thank you really;)

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