Well worth a BFA

Is it worth buying BFA?


  • There are currently 12 dungeons that are actively used in Myth +
  • 2 of these dungeons together are a mega dungeon (similar to Karazhan to Legion)
  • 3 areas per faction island including storyline quests, world quests and numerous other events (achievements, assaults, mounts, etc.)
  • 2 additional smaller islands (1 area each) with their own story, dailies, events, world quests and much more.
  • 2 old areas, one in Uldum, one in Pandaria. Without a real quest line, but with a smaller quest line that leads to a mount, regular invasions, dailies, etc.
  • current and last raid is already mythically clear but not yet unlocked crossrealm - a total of 12 bosses
  • War campaign and Zandalari / whatever you have - campaign, so more quests
  • many factions, mounts, pets, toys
  • Visions (1-5 player scenarios in OG or storm wind against such void creatures)
  • Island expeditions 3 players versus 3 others or 3 NPC opponents - scenario, the winner is whoever collects enough of a resource first.
  • Warfront Raid scenario 10-35 men vs. NPC. (You conquer a base, collect wood / iron resources, build up the base, conquer strategic points until you finally defeat the final boss in the enemy base).

It's just the end of the BfA, well that may go on for months, but you will also need a long time to catch up.

Real hurdles!

  • Unlock flies
  • Unlock flies again in Nazjatar and Mechagon
  • Unlock reputation with all the many factions ... o.0
  • Earning essences
  • Play up your coat

... well that's what it is about having something to do. Have you.

I started Dreanor to the end ... know that.
Take it easy, just pay the subscription the first time and play something up to level 110. Then you can still decide, or maybe. is it free by then, who knows how long it will take you.