What makes wine sweet or dry?

Dry or tasty and sweet?

This crucial question about wine consumption can be answered with a beautiful Latin proverb:

De gustibus non est disputandum -
About taste can not be argued

Whether you prefer dry, mild or very tasty-sweet wines, whether you prefer to drink white or red wine, is entirely a question of your personal taste.

Try what you like best and you have found the right wine for you!

Dry wines - appreciated by connoisseurs

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“Dry” is the term used to describe wines that have no or almost no sweetness. In these wines, the natural sugars in the grapes are completely or almost completely fermented into alcohol.

Often we confuse “dry” with “sour” - however, the acidity of a wine has nothing to do with its sweetness. A dry wine can have a markedly mild acidity.

Here you can find more information about tartaric acid and which wines are special mild acidity to have.

Wines for diabetics?

The often asked question, which wines "suitable for diabetics“Are, unfortunately we cannot (and may) not answer in general.

Please talk to your doctor about whether and which wines are especially suitable for you. The analysis values ​​with alcohol and residual sugar can be found in the grape variety descriptions.

Sweet wines - fruity delicacies from the wine glass

Lovely and sweet wines
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The term sweet is often paraphrased by “mild”, “lovely” or “tasty”. All of these terms describe wines that not dry, so they are more or less cute.

Have sweet wines less alcohol than dry wines. This is due to the fact that not all natural sugar in the sweet wines is fermented to alcohol and instead remains in the wine as “residual sweetness”. You can find more information on this topic on the page Sweetness in Wine.

Outlawed by intolerant “connoisseurs” ...

By the way, among “connoisseurs” - and we include our grandfather Jakob Fuchs, who as a thoroughbred winemaker only drank lovely wines throughout his life - there are many “secret” lovers of sweet delights!

A wine pope well-known in the world of wine, to whom we offered a noble sweet red wine during a wine presentation, refused to even pick up the glass, let alone smell it or even taste it ... So much ignorance and intolerance make it clear that As a connoisseur, you don't need to take the guidelines of these people too seriously.

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