What are the things that are lost over time

Lost property - getting lost items back

If you've lost something, it may have been given away. Then you can pick up the lost item at the lost property office. You can find out whether your item is in the lost property office online, on site in the lost property office or by telephone.

Tip: try several times
Once an item is found, it can take several days to arrive at the lost property office. If you don't get your thing back the first time, you can try again a few days later.

Where else can you look?

  • If you have lost the item on the bus, tram, subway, S-Bahn or other means of public transport, please contact BVG or Deutsche Bahn (see "Further information") .
  • If you have lost the matter in an authority, please contact that authority directly.
  • If you have lost an animal, please contact the animal shelter (see “Further information”).

Did you find something?
You can hand in lost and found items, for example, to a local community office or to the lost property office (see "Further information").


  • Your thing
    You have lost the thing or, for example, you are the owner of it.
  • Thing was handed in to us
    Only things that have been handed in to the police or a local authority office or directly to the lost and found office are in the lost property office.
    Destroyed items and items that have been deliberately disposed of (e.g. furniture) do not come into the lost property office.
  • After 6 months: item has not yet been auctioned
    If it has been 6 months since the item was handed in to us, it may be that the item was auctioned. Then you can't get it back from us.

Required documents

  • Proof that it's your business
    for example through
    • a purchase receipt,
    • for electronic devices: serial number or IMEI number,
    • for keys: a second key.
    • Your identification document (if not lost)
    for example your identity card or your passport
    If you want to pick up a lost ID document, you do not need to identify yourself.
  • In case of representation: Power of attorney and identification document of the representative
    If someone else picks it up for you:
    • written power of attorney,
    • ID document of the person who picks up the item,
    • A copy of your identification document (if not lost)


The fee for processing and storing the find depends on the value of the item (see "Legal basis").

  • none: for an identity card or passport
  • none: if the item is worth 10.00 euros or less
  • 3.00 euros: for driving licenses, certificates, bank cards, savings books, other papers
  • 5.00 to 50.00 euros: if the item is worth 50.00 to 500.00 euros or less (staggered)
  • 10 percent of the value: if the item is worth over 500 euros
Finder's reward and expenses (possible)

Average time of processing

  • 30 minutes
  • It can take several days for an item that has been handed in to arrive at the lost property office.

Additional information