Is freedom in the constitution

Constitution. The fundamental rights

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Article 2

(1) Everyone has the right to the free development of his personality, provided he does not violate the rights of others and does not violate the constitutional order or the moral law.
(2) Everyone has the right to life and physical integrity. The freedom of a person is inviolable. These rights may only be interfered with on the basis of a law.

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Everyone has the right to develop freely.
That means: Everyone can live their life as they want.
Everyone has that freedom close,
what he would like.
For example, everyone has the right to determine
  • where he lives and with whom he meets.
  • what clothes he wears.
  • what music he listens to
  • or whether he goes out on the street at night.
Nobody has the right
to rule over someone else's life.
Everyone can live the way he or she wants.

This is called free development of personality.
All people have to do this
obey the law.

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For example, nobody has the right to molest someone
to hit or take something away from him.
In doing so, he disregards the rights of others.
Nobody is allowed to violate other people's rights.

Article 2 protects the physical integrity of a human.
That means:
  • Everyone has the right to live.
    For example, the state is not allowed to torture anyone.
    The state must not injure or kill anyone through torture.
The state must also be careful
that no one else hurts or kills someone.
The state must protect a person's health.
  • For example, make sure
    that food that is sold
    are not poisonous.
    There are strict regulations for this in Germany.
    Even a doctor may not injure his body,
    if he doesn't want that.
    Each person decides for himself
    how he treats his body.
    For example, whether he agrees to an investigation.
    There are also regulations for this:
    For example, you have to give written consent to an operation.
Freedom has a high value in the Basic Law.
Therefore there are other basic rights
that protect a person's freedom.
These rights are called Liberty rights.
For example freedom
to choose his profession or
to look for an apartment where you want to live.