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Modular furniture - the versatile device for jigsaw puzzles

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What is modular furniture?

Not only you, but also this furniture grows with you, like to be flexible and love moving. With increasing mobility, the demand for flexible and adaptable facilities also increases. In a generation that doesn't like to commit itself, needs a lot of change and strives for flexible lifestyles, modular furniture is exactly the right thing. It doesn't matter whether it's Berlin today, Stockholm tomorrow or London, this furniture will go through every move and every phase of your life with you.
Our apartments are also constantly changing, as they get bigger or smaller, the transitions between rooms become more fluid and kitchens more and more open. Modular furniture is the answer to the constantly changing interior trends.
These adaptable pieces of furniture can be adapted, expanded and also reduced in size according to the modular principle. Anyone who loves changes, likes to try things out and is into new looks, can give free rein to their creative thoughts thanks to the multifunctionality of this furniture and move and arrange them as they want. The modular furniture grows with you and will continue to do so as you and your own little family expand - they simply adapt to the new circumstances and make changes easier for you.
The furniture can be expanded, reduced or simply folded thanks to its different components. They are also practical and space-saving. This means that new furniture does not have to be purchased for every small change in your life situation, but only has to be adapted. It is not important whether it is kitchen furniture, cupboards, sofas, shelves or children's furniture - modular furniture changes with our everyday lives. With your modular furniture, you can easily have a long-term, happy relationship - without any fierce arguments, of course, because this partner adapts to you. If you love change, like to change your place of residence and your taste is constantly changing, your furniture can do the same - and without much effort! Easily compose your own cupboards with modular furniture, add drawers to your chest of drawers or your table for a spontaneous visit. If you like to be on the go, you can also use this furniture for your apartment on four wheels.
Adjust them, move them, expand them, shrink them, close them and take them with you.
Modular furniture is the answer to your flexible plans and life situations.
Who doesn't like puzzles?

Is modular furniture more sustainable?

The question of whether modular furniture is a more sustainable alternative to classic furniture can be answered very easily - yes, definitely.
While classic furniture also looks very practical at first, it is not in direct comparison to modular furniture, because it is not half as flexible and adaptable. When life situations change, city apartments get smaller or even houses bigger, the desire for change arises or there is an addition to the family, classic furniture cannot withstand the change.
But that's not a problem, because the answer to all of these problems is very simple - modular furniture. With only little effort, these can be expanded, adapted or also reduced in size with additional modules. As a result, the purchase of completely new furniture is not necessary and one saves the production of new furniture, which would again use up additional raw materials. This not only sustains your money, but also reduces the production of bulky waste.
With modular furniture, in the best case scenario, you can get by for your entire life and are also sustainable on the move. With the different building blocks you can always create new interior designs and furniture. So you can live out creatively, save money and live more sustainably.



Modular furniture supplier


Modular shelving systems

Modular shelving systems are suitable for every situation in life and can easily be adapted to new circumstances and changes when moving. If you need more space for your stuff, you can expand it, but if you want to live in a more space-saving way, you can convert it flexibly and practically. We present you suppliers of modular shelving systems in which you can store your book, record or folder collection as you wish.

The Cubit brand offers you a large selection of modular shelving systems that can be flexibly adapted to your life situation or your wishes. The individual shelf elements can be combined in very different ways and used for different purposes. You can not only choose between different shelf elements, but also colors and materials.

BrickBox offers you modular wooden boxes for stacking. You can expand and expand these as you wish. The boxes are ideal as a storage system for all kinds of items. They can be easily combined and moved without any tools. This allows them to adapt not only to your living conditions, but also to your wishes and needs.

The Rio brand produces its modular furniture in a small, regional furniture manufacturer in Hamburg. The shelves from Rio can be changed according to the plug-in system. They are characterized by their easy assembly and conversion, their durability and their modern designs.

Cabinet modules

If you can't keep up with your shopping addiction, but don't have enough space for all the new things, you can easily solve this problem with cabinet modules, because these can easily be expanded or reduced as required. In addition, they adapt to every home and every living situation. We will introduce you to various providers who offer you a diverse range of expandable and flexible cabinet modules.

USM Haller is a Swiss family company that has been manufacturing and designing furniture for people around the world for over 50 years. They are known for the durability, flexibility and timeless designs of their furniture. USM Haller is therefore also a well-known manufacturer of modular furniture.

The cabinet systems from Müller are very different and can be individually combined. So you can rebuild, expand, reduce or even design your wardrobe using different constellations, as you wish. You are offered 3 different heights and 2 different types.

Shuffle has set itself the goal of adapting the furniture to increasing mobility and thus making your flexible life as easy as possible for you and supporting you with its modular cabinet systems. It doesn't matter whether it's the conventional wardrobe, the sideboard in the hallway, the chest of drawers for the television or the bookshelf. The cabinet systems work according to the modular principle and can be easily converted using various modules.

Modular kitchens

The modular kitchens can be expanded and changed according to the modular principle. The individual kitchen elements, such as the sink, oven, stove or even the folding dining table, can be combined, expanded and reduced as you wish. This allows the kitchen to be designed to be more space-saving in order to make it appear larger or to adapt it to different spatial conditions, such as sloping and angled rooms. We introduce you to various providers who offer you a wide range of modern kitchen modules. The prices vary from 300 to 3,000 euros.



Siematic received the German Design Award for one of its kitchen models in 2016. They offer you kitchen elements that, if there are water and electricity connections, can be easily taken with you when moving or when your life situation changes. The kitchen elements are characterized by their simple and modern designs, which fit into every situation and space.

Poggenpohl follows a particularly space-saving concept with its modular kitchens - kitchens in cupboards. They design kitchens and bars that can be easily stowed in cupboards and are therefore particularly flexible. This means that your kitchen can also be conjured up in a different functional room, depending on your preference.

Team 7 offers you a diverse kitchen that is suitable for every room. This can be put together and configured as you wish. So you can design your own kitchen design and adapt it to your needs. They offer you a wide variety of design options, such as elegant and unique colored glass sides. Depending on your wishes, you can have your hob and sink built into your worktop, or opt for a normal kitchen unit or kitchen island.

These kitchen modules are also very diverse and space-saving. This is a collapsible kitchen island, which can be designed and extended in a variety of ways. Very different cooking elements can be added, which do not even take up much space due to the collapsible function. A highboard with devices is just one of the diverse and practical modules.

Modular children's furniture

Families and children grow - modular furniture grows with them. It's no secret that children grow, tastes change with each stage, and families move as needed. Modular children's furniture grows with them by giving you the opportunity to expand children's wardrobes and shelves or to enlarge beds. In addition, they can be tried out in various combinations and constellations and thus adapted to the taste or the respective interior trend. Are you sad because your child is getting older and older too quickly? No problem - with modular furniture you won't even notice it. In addition, you can invest your money more sustainably and are not tied to your current circumstances. We present you suppliers of modular children's furniture who want to make life easier for you as a growing family.

  • Children's furniture manufacturer de Breuyn

This brand particularly specializes in the manufacture of children's furniture. The individual elements are designed in a box system. In the latest collection, in addition to shelves, play boxes and wardrobes, they also offer play elements such as slides and climbing trees that can be easily combined with the beds.

In the manufacture of children's furniture, FILOMI focuses particularly on durability, child safety, flexibility, sustainability and a simple, clear design. They pay attention to clear and reduced color tones that give the children's room an elegant, clean look. In order to achieve the optimum longevity, high-quality and robust materials such as solid wood or felt are used.

When producing the modular furniture, Stocubo strives for a design that should accompany the child on their way to adulthood. The various modules can be flexibly changed and put together depending on the age and development phase the child is currently going through. For example, the shelves can be expanded as desired to create more storage space for teenagers. Of course, they also attach great importance to the durability of the furniture. The shelves from Stocubo are therefore particularly break-proof and flexurally resistant, robust and stable.

Modular furniture for campers

Those who like to travel, are always on the move and want to live as flexibly as possible can do so easily with the specially made modular furniture for mobile homes or cars. This means that cabinets, beds or kitchens can be taken along easily and conveniently, saving space.

Biberbox offers a kind of all-inclusive box with which traveling can be made much easier for the camper. This 50kg box works on the plug-in box principle and can be equipped with a comfortable bed, a cozy sofa or a mobile kitchen, depending on your preference. It consists largely of birch and can be purchased with a clear varnish or a phenolic resin coating, as desired. With this camping box you have when traveling and don't have to worry about planning.

The startup called Camp Champ from Austria has designed a concept for a portable kitchen. This means that the most important utensils can be easily taken with you in the form of a box when traveling and camping. In addition to four gas hobs, this kitchen box also contains high-quality pots, pans, plates, cutlery and a spice rack. In addition, the lower part of the kitchen box offers a platform on which the kitchen can be unfolded. Thanks to this innovative idea, the kitchen can always be taken with you when you are traveling.

The name actually reveals the concept. This is a four-poster car bed that can be built into your car. This means that anyone who likes to travel, prefers to be always on the go and doesn't like to commit themselves, can make their travels easier with this modular piece of furniture. No matter whether for camping or for relaxing on longer journeys by car - the four-poster car bed is ideal for this. In this way, you transform your ordinary car into a practical motorhome. Two people can relax and unwind in this four-poster car bed at the same time. In addition, it can withstand a weight of up to 250kg. It is therefore ideal for people who like to live on four wheels.



Your flexible and practical conclusion

The demand for modular furniture increases with increasing mobility and the importance of sustainability. Those who do not like to commit themselves, only decide in the morning where life is going today and always need change, will find more than just what they are looking for with modular furniture. Due to their flexibility and adaptability, they can take part in changes and withstand them. Thanks to the modular furniture, kitchens can be more space-saving and flexible, tables can be expanded if necessary, cupboards can be enlarged and children's rooms can be changed. They practically grow with you and your child, go along with all phases and changes. Modular furniture is therefore suitable for every living situation, every home and every room. If you want to do business and live sustainably, you can do so with modular furniture. So, what are you waiting for? Start puzzling too




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