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Before you read on - my wife and I have spent more than 30 years in the restaurant business together ... but we are actually absolutely nice people who don't complain about every little thing. We like to eat Greek. Hospitality, delicious food and great service are things that we have always found in Greek restaurants so far.

Let's start with the arrival:
When we arrived with our children (both teenagers) on our wedding day, the restaurant was well attended, but not full. We were assigned a table, so far so good.
Then the waiting time began. After almost 30 minutes, despite having passed our table several times and glances at us, as well as hand signals, one of us went to the counter to ask for a menu. Said card was then also brought, but without taking a drink order. After another 15 minutes (we are now at just under 45 minutes) one of the waitresses appeared and took our order.
However, up to this point we have not complained because we did not want to spoil our good mood.

The drinks appeared shortly afterwards and were put on our table without a word. A glass was taken from the tray at a time, followed by a questioning look around to find out who the drink belongs to. Later that evening, bringing in more drinks was accompanied by a "beer" or "cola" squeezed out between the teeth. So an improvement, albeit unfriendly.
We still hadn't complained because, as I said ... we wanted to keep ourselves in a good mood, which we managed.

Now to the food:
Our son had a grill plate, our daughter had gyros, and we shared a plate for two.
Our daughter's gyros had the charm of meat that had been left under a heating lamp for too long or had already cooled down and brought back to temperature using a microwave. Their fries were light but very hard ... which also suggests repeated heating in the deep fryer.

The record for two, which my wife and I shared, was more likely to be remembered for its peculiarities. The liver pieces were cut almost paper-thin, unseasoned, and burnt. The "steaks" belonging to the platter were, as well as the meat on the two skewers, dry and absolutely tasteless. The fries that went with our platter were, like our daughter's, light, but extremely hard ... definitely fried twice. Our gyros was definitely related to the one on our daughter's plate.

The absolute star of the evening was our son's grill plate. The steaks and skewers had the same problems as the ones on our plate. However, the gyros under the steaks was fresh! But with one problem. If it had been a little fresher, it would have been walking around. The pieces of meat were still red in the middle. Not pink, but red. Said middle was also cold to the touch.
Since once again no waitress felt responsible for us, our son went to the counter with the plate and complained about the raw meat.
Less than 5 minutes later the same plate returned. The gyros had been exchanged, but the remaining components of the dinner that were in contact with the raw meat were back on the plate. So my son called a waitress and explained to the same that meat that had been in contact with raw meat could not be eaten without hesitation, and he would have liked to exchange said meat.
The waitress then began to argue with him that this would mean throwing away the other groceries.
In the end he got a fresh plate with ... you can hear and be amazed by freshly prepared food. The (still minute) steaks were freshly fried and juicy, even seasoned. The meat on the skewer was also freshly fried and juicy. The gyros also looked fresher than ours.
In summary, I have to say that of all the Greek restaurants we have been to in Germany so far, this one was absolutely the worst. The service staff, unfriendly, not attentive, discussing with the customers, but diligently playing on the cell phone. The food badly seasoned, cheapest cost of goods, double-fried fries, lack of seasoning, etc.