Which books have helped your career the most?

Motivation & Success: 5 books that will take you further

Reading is to the mind what gymnastics is to the body, the English diplomat and scholar recognized Joseph Addison correctly hundreds of years ago. Books open us up Insights into someone else's mind expand our horizons and endanger our stupidity. If you want to be successful in your job, it is not only important to have a good technical knowledge - knowledge of the art of motivation, insights from psychology and the acquisition of the mindset of successful people are essential.

Here are 5 books on the topics of success, career, money, motivation and mindset that will help you to realize yourself both professionally and privately.

# 1: "How to Make Friends" by Dale Carnegie

Even if the title sounds like a book for lonely, introverted people who find it difficult to make new contacts, it is by no means the case. You will learn a lot more in this guide how you can deal better and more effectively with other people, by working on your empathy and sensitivity. The focus is particularly on the importance of good working relationships. For example, it is about others to be enthusiastic about your beliefs, to gain the respect of colleagues and to realize your own calling.

The book teaches you to become a better speaker as well as a better listener. However, this is by no means illustrated with the help of boring theories, but with personal, exciting stories of the author. There are reasons why the guide is a timeless bestseller: The advice it contains already has Helped thousands of people cultivate better rules of communication and thereby to be more successful in business and personal life.

Quote from the book:

"Treating other people with genuine interest not only creates friends for you, but also loyal customers for your company."

# 2: "Think and Get Rich" from Napoleon Hill

This book is a real classic in its field and has become accordingly sold over 70 million times. In the 1930s, the author Napoleon Hill was commissioned to interview the 500 most successful men in the United States and, with this knowledge, set up a method that should help everyone to be more (financially) successful - the millionaires' best practices.

The central thesis of the book is that wealth through a certain mindset and way of thinking is achieved and that every person can become wealthy if he teaches himself to "think correctly". Perseverance and a certain openness are also important. "Think and become rich" As the name suggests, it is definitely thought-provoking. About your own goals in life and personal attitudes. It also explains the Influence of our thoughts on our subconscious and thus also on our actions and makes one aware of the importance of self-reflection.

Quote from the book:

“Dreams come true as soon as our desires turn into action. Ask a lot of life and life will give you a lot accordingly. "

# 3: "Miracle Morning" by Hal Elrod

With the right morning routine, an hour can change your whole life - at least if the author of Miracle Morning is to be believed. His method is called LIFE S.A.V.E.R.S. and brings more structure into your everyday life through six elements. Get up earlier and nevertheless with more energy through the day leaving is just one of the promises that the morning routine brings with it.

Hal Elrod developed the method out of necessity. At the age of twenty, he was seriously injured in a car accident and was diagnosed with never being able to walk again. However, Elrod did not want to bow to this fate, whereupon he looked for ways and means to get back on his feet. The development of his Miracle Morning Method contributed significantly to his recovery and helps many people today to rediscover their motivation and will to live.

Quote from the book:

“Anyone who delays getting up until they have to get up must not forget that they are resisting life. You could say right away: I don't want to live my life, at least I don't want to enjoy it to the full. "

# 4: "The Robbins Power Principle" by Anthony Robbins

The Robbins Power principle is very complex and extensive. This guide is primarily about illuminating and questioning our beliefs, i.e. the inner rules that we all subconsciously apply every day. It illustrates how important understanding our emotions is and how we regain greater awareness and control over them.

The book is aimed at People with visions and dreams, who have not yet achieved what they would like to achieve. With Anthony Robbins too, luck and success depend to a large extent from the inner world of thought from. He proves this with many interesting, psychological facts and shows various techniques from the field of NLP - dem Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Quote from the book

"We need to change our belief system and be firmly convinced that we can and will achieve our goals - before we begin to act."

# 5: "The 4-hour week" by Tim Ferris

Okay, the title sounds a bit lurid and exaggerated, but the content of this classic is worth its weight in gold. It's about Methods of productivity and how to do more in less time. The author tells entertaining and with a lot of humor from his own life as an entrepreneur and offers helpful solutions for more efficiency in the job.

Not all of his ideas can be implemented for everyone and an actual 4-hour week will probably remain a dream rather than a reality, but that is not so important. Rather, it's about a new concept of life both for employees and the self-employed. The really valuable thing about this book are the new ones that are featured Perspective on our work and the tips and advice to increase your own effectiveness.

Quote from the book:

“You don't need fashionable nonsense to enjoy life. But you have to control your time and understand that most things are not as serious as you do them. "

What are your favorite books on success and motivation? Let us know in the comments!

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