What was the worst car accident recorded

Accident in amusement park - Four people die in the flume

According to the information so far, the two women and two men had an accident on the “Thunder River Rapids Ride” at the Dreamworld theme park. Any help came too late, said a spokesman for the rescue service. The victims are said to have been between their early 30s and their early 40s.

In the whitewater run, up to six people are buckled up in seats on an oversized tire. These "rush through turbulent rapids" and can reach speeds of up to 45 kilometers per hour, writes the amusement park on its website. The company is promoting the wild water ride as a family attraction.

Eyewitness: "Everyone screamed"

The tire of the four women and men is said to have overturned, apparently because of a problem with the conveyor belt. Two people are said to have been thrown out and two trapped, media reported. "Everyone was screaming," an eyewitness told the Gold Coast Bulletin.

The exact cause of the accident is still unclear. The police questioned eyewitnesses and secured film footage of the accident. The accident was recorded by a surveillance camera, said police inspector Tod Reid in the evening (local time).

According to initial investigations, the accident happened on a conveyor belt that pulls the tires up. The water had pressed one tire against the other and one of the two had tipped over, reported the broadcaster ABC.

The police were still on duty late in the evening to secure evidence, Reid said. "It's a complex rescue operation, you need heavy equipment, it takes hours," he told the press.

Amusement park closes after the accident

The park markets itself as the largest amusement park in the region with more than 40 roller coasters and other attractions. The whitewater run has been in operation since 1986. The park recommends them especially to families. It is for small children from two years of age and is not one of the attractions with a particular thrill, such as the 120-meter-high Giant Drop tower, where guests experience something like free fall.

"We are shocked and deeply saddened by this tragic incident," said Dreamworld amusement park manager Craig Davidson. The park is located in the Gold Coast tourist region in northeast Australia. "Our thoughts are with the families affected and their relatives."

The park, which has 1.8 million visitors a year, closed after the accident. Many families streamed out of the gates, disturbed, as local TV channels showed. "We're working with the police and emergency services to get the facts together," said Davidson. "We expect a thorough investigation into the cause of the accident," said Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Germany: Strict security controls

"In Germany, the amusement parks are subject to very strict safety regulations and are checked by the TÜV," explained a spokeswoman for the Association of German Leisure Parks and Leisure Companies. The rides would be checked daily by professionals before the theme parks opened. At "the slightest concern", the operation of the ride will be interrupted. "The guests can rely on the safety in the amusement park," said the spokeswoman.

In April, a Dreamworld visitor nearly drowned at another attraction. In September, in Seaworld Park not far away, several people had to be freed from a roller coaster that had stopped in the middle of the track. The worst accident in an amusement park in Australia happened in 1979: A car caught fire in a ghost train - six children and one adult were killed.

In August, a boy was killed in a water slide park. The ten-year-old was found dead in the pool of a slide. Initially, it was suggested that he likely died from a neck injury.

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