Who was the most fearless president

Donald Trump : The republican monarch

Donald Trump doesn't shake hands with his fans. He shows them the middle finger that is outstretched. At least those who see him in a row with He-Man or Barbie: The New York company FCTRY is promoting Trump as an action figure at a price of 19.99 dollars, usable for ages three and over. Barack Obama and George W. Bush are also available in the plastic version, the former with heavily trained muscles, the latter in the outfit of a fighter pilot who has just landed.

US presidents are superheroes who make it into children's rooms. They are actually fictional characters. Even after two months in office, Trump looks like he's lost in a new season of "House of Cards". But the stage for the sticky billionaire show has already been set by others before him. Including such honorable gentlemen as Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy and Obama. You have all worked to turn the US presidency into a pop culture event. The person Trump embodies the American crisis, it is now said. He is watched like a child playing with a loaded pistol. How different the world would be if Obama were still in power, or at least it was Hillary Clinton's turn! Many hope that the ghost will be over after Trump's first term in office.

The hope is that Trump will not become a tyrant

But this fixation on the person Donald Trump, his psychological illumination, overlooks one thing: as modern as the US presidential office may seem because it fits perfectly into the media age, it has fallen out of time beyond Trump. The US has created a republican monarch - and is now hoping that it will not even become an elected tyrant.

It's hard to believe: America's constitutional fathers once considered putting three equal people at the head of the state and government. Or just install a Prime Minister to be elected by Congress. But George Washington was on the Constituent Assembly. The state delegates had him, the honored general, so much in mind that in the end they wanted a single president. He should symbolically hold his country together. A country that took weeks or months to traverse. Even so, the president shouldn't be as strong as he is today. In the Federalist Papers explaining the constitution, Alexander Hamilton wrote that the president's military rights were weak when compared to those of the British king - or the governor of New York.

Pretty much every president since George Washington worked on giving the office more meaning. Franklin D. Roosevelt created the strong presidential bureaucracy. Kennedy brought Hollywood to the White House. Even Obama relied heavily on presidential decrees. He may have handled the office loosely. But the casualness that moved into the Oval Office also seemed so sympathetic because the president's power was alien to Trump even before Trump.

How much more modern seems the German chancellor democracy

The idea that a man (there has never been a female president) reflects the interests of the nation and therefore makes the right decisions, has something premodern. The expectation is superhuman, which can only cause disappointment. In times of crisis, the president should be the kind father who feels the pain of his children. But he is also said to be a fearless protector. This is premodern because today we know that in a networked world, individuals do not make the best decisions on their own. No other company concentrates so much power, with the possible exception of the Trump Organization. And vice versa, it is no wonder that an autocrat like Recep Erdogan desperately wants a presidential system.

Even a natural political talent like Obama had to disappoint as US President. It could also happen to a charismatic like Emmanuel Macron in France - in a charged presidential office that Charles de Gaulle created for himself. How much more modern seems the German Chancellor's democracy, which is currently not expecting a Messiah; who relocates important decisions to the cabinet and trusts both parliament and parties.

Incidentally, the Trump plastic figure for US $ 19.99 is not quite as superhero-like. It is offered with a detachable hairstyle and with "sturdy and durable shoes to step on the feelings of others".

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