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In keeping with the new song booklet "Closer to you", all the songs in this collection appear on a total of 2 double CDs: ideal for singing along and learning the songs. 25 of the 50 songs in the songbook can be heard on the first double CD.


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  • Format: double CD
  • EAN: 4010276028864
  • Edition: 1st total edition (1st edition: 13.03.2018)
  • Number of pages: 8 p. Booklet
  • Weight: 110g
  • Playing time: 2 hours 14 minutes 21 seconds

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Track list
CD 1
1.Closer to youAlbert Frey (arranger, prod.), Juri Friesen (soloist), Lothar Kosse (melody, text) Worship 0,99 €
2.Ten thousand reasonsAlbert Frey (Arrangement, Prod.), David Hanheiser (German text), Jonas Myrin (melody, text), ... Worship 0,99 €
3.Courageously I come to the throneJuri Friesen (soloist, prod.), Simon Gottschick (German text), Rend Collective (text, melody), ... Worship 0,99 €
4.FocusAlbert Frey (arranging, prod.), Juri Friesen (text, melody, soloist), Pala Friesen (melody, text) Worship 0,99 €
5.You're goodAlbert Frey (arranging, prod.), Brian Johnson (melody, text), Pamela Natterer (soloist), ... Worship 0,99 €
6.That's just youJohannes Falk (Soloist), Albert Frey (German Text, Arrangement, Prod.), Arne Kopfermann (German Text), ... Worship 0,99 €
7.for the kingAnni Barth (soloist), Albert Frey (melody, text, arrangements, prod.), Anja Lehmann (soloist), ... Worship 0,99 €
8.Liberated by your graceClaus-Peter Eberwein (text, melody), Juliane Eva Eberwein (text), Albert Frey (arranging, prod.), ... Worship 0,99 €
9.All over the worldBrenton Brown (text, melody), Albert Frey (prod.), Daniel Jacobi (German text), ... Worship 0,99 €
10.Before youAnni Barth (soloist), Daniela A. Bauer (melody), Albert Frey (arranging, prod.), ... Worship 0,99 €
11.From the peaks of the worldGuido Baltes (German text), Albert Frey (Arr., Prod.), Arne Kopfermann (German text), ... Worship 0,99 €
12.You are doingWinnie Schweitzer (prod.), Tobi Wörner (text, melody, prod.) Worship 0,99 €
13.One and only
14.HosannaBrooke Fraser (text, melody), Albert Frey (arranging, prod.), Martin Janke (German text), ... Worship 0,99 €
CD 2
1.gratitudeAlbert Frey (melody, text, production), Andreas Volz (soloist) Worship 0,99 €
2.With all that I amAlbert Frey (arrang., Prod.), Ben Lütke (text, melody), Dennis Maaßen (soloist) Worship 0,99 €
3.The lion and the lambBrenton Brown (text, melody), Sandra Dittmann (German text), Albert Frey (prod.), ... Worship 0,99 €
4.Good fatherPat Barrett (text, melody), Anthony Brown (melody, text), Albert Frey (German text, prod.), ... Worship 0,99 €
5.Where elseThea Eichholz (text, melody), Johannes Falk (soloist), Albert Frey (prod.) Worship 0,99 €
6.We hold up the crossAlbert Frey (Prod.), Matthias Schyra (text, melody), Andreas Volz (soloist) Worship 0,99 €
7.I believe thatMartin Bruch (German text), Matt Crocker (melody, text), Ben Fielding (melody, text), ... Worship