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Karin(Ka = fragrance, Rin = phosphorus) is a Kunoichi from Otogakure who ran his southern hiding place, a kind of prison, until Orochimaru's death and then joined Sasuke's team in Hebi to kill his brother Itachi Uchiha. She is in love with Sasuke and would do anything for him, because of him she leaves Orochimaru's hiding place. It has the HidenKagura Shingan, an enhanced version of the cognitive sense, and can hide its own chakra, making it ideal for tracking down and tracking enemies. After Sasuke tries to kill her in the fight against Danzou Shimura, she leaves Team Taka and is taken to Konohagakure as a prisoner. Karin is a member of the Uzumaki clan.


Karin has red hair and red eyes and always wears glasses with brownish frames, without which she seems to be able to see next to nothing. When she analyzes something, she often adjusts it. She wears black shinobi sandals with heels that come well below her knees and black shorts. Over it she wears a lavender-colored overall, which is supposed to symbolize her affiliation with Otogakure. She wears the corresponding zipper open to over her navel. The long sleeves hide her many bite wounds. In addition, she carries a grayish bag that she has strapped around her stomach. When she was with Team Hebi, she wore a long black coat, which she replaced with a typical Akatsuki hooded robe after fraternizing with Akatsuki.


Karin's personality is determined by two very opposing currents, on the one hand by her analytical, critical way with which she classifies opponents or new situations, as well as the opponent's chakra, and her affection for Sasuke, in which she behaves extremely childish and thoughtless. In most situations she relies on her analytical half, where she alienates people with her always quite open criticism and appears arrogant, which Suigetsu Hoozuki often accuses her of and often ends in a little brawl due to Suigetsu doesn't take his fluid body very seriously. She seems to judge people by their chakra, so she felt drawn to Sasuke's strong chakra and also finds Naruto sympathetic because of his warm chakra, but is constantly hostile to Suigetsu because she finds his chakra "repulsive". The other side of her character is dominated by her almost delusional love for Sasuke, for example she steals his sweaty underwear and only leaves Otogakure because of him. She describes his chakra as the best and strongest thing she has ever felt, but after a while she is also afraid of him, as his chakra is getting darker and colder. After he tries to kill her, she puts aside her feelings for him and even wanted to beat him up, but she fell for him again immediately, which means that her love for Sasuke again suppresses her real character.

Relationship with your team

Apart from her passion for Sasuke, she has a rather divided relationship with her teammates. She doesn't seem to have any problems with the quiet Juugo, although she doesn't seek too much contact with him either. However, she fears his brutal, second self (triggered by the Juin) and does not want to have him on the team at the beginning due to his unpredictability. Your relationship with Suigetsu is based on mutual rejection. Suigetsu identified her as an accomplice in the experiments on him and doesn't want her on the team any more than she wants him. For example, Karin tries several times to tell him the wrong way or to leave him behind, which Sasuke prevents. Both of them also constantly complain about the other's characteristics, such as his rapid fatigue or, as Suigetsu puts it, "annoying manner", which often degenerates into smaller fights which, however, are rather one-sided due to Suigetsu's liquefaction jutsus. Although both openly flaunt their hatred for one another, their dislike for one another seems less strong than they'd like to admit. Both offer the other protection in battles and even partially protect each other. In the fight against Killer B, Suigetsu tries to protect Karin and the others from the Hachibi and Karin tries unsuccessfully to persuade Sasuke not to leave the two of them to their fate at the Kage meeting.

Love for Sasuke

Karin has been in love with Sasuke since they first met during the Chunin selection exam and would do anything for him. Because of him, she leaves Orochimaru's southern base and joins Team Hebi. She constantly tries to be alone with him, whereupon she woos him quite aggressively, which Sasuke does not elaborate on. He also always ignores the compliments that Karin pays him over and over again. Her otherwise calm and analytical manner changes towards him and she is very offensive and demanding. An incident during the Chunin selection test at the time is based on your feelings. Sasuke saves Karin from a wild bear and gave her a smile that she fell in love with. Your wish is to see "that smile" again. Karin describes the Sasukes chakra as the strongest thing she has ever felt and loves this about Sasuke too. However, she is also a little afraid of him later, as his chakra is getting darker and colder. Sasuke himself does not seem to have any increased interest in Karin and rather uses her as a means to track down his enemies. At the Kage meeting, Sasuke saves Karin when she threatens to be buried by rubble. However, after Danzou uses her as a human protective shield, Sasuke accepts that Karin will be seriously injured, maybe even killed, in order to kill Danzou. According to her own statement, she no longer has any value for him and is now saved by her actual rival Sakura Haruno. After this severe blow, she seems to suppress feelings for Sasuke at first. She is then captured and taken to Konohagakure. In her cell she has a picture of Sasuke she has painted and talks to him. At this moment Karin seems a little crazy and obsessed with Sasuke. However, this is only played in order to be perceived as harmless. She can escape through tools hidden in the picture. She breaks out and finds her way back to Team Taka and Orochimaru. At first she is angry with Sasuke, but after a brief apology, she can no longer suppress her feelings and joins the team again. Karin is one of the few people Sasuke has ever apologized to. Although Karin's martial arts are quite modest, she still only throws herself into battle for Sasuke to save him. She completely ignores the fact that she could lose the fight or even her life in order to save the dying Sasuke as quickly as possible. Sasuke doesn't seem to reciprocate these feelings as an adult - he married Sakura, who befriended Karin. After the failed gene test, Karin realizes that she is now over Sasuke. She just wants Sasuke to be happy, which is why she allows him his life with Sakura and Sarada.



After Uzushiogakure was destroyed in the war, the many different members of the Uzumaki clan had to flee, with Karin and her mother then living in Kusagakure. According to the Sha's writings, her entire village was destroyed and Karin was the only survivor, as she could tell through her hiden that attackers were coming.[6] Her mother lost her life while caring for the wounded, which had a strong impact on Karin. As a replacement for her dead mother, Karin - who was still a child at the time - had to stand in for her, which is why she was bitten every day by strangers against her will in order to heal her. The resulting trauma developed so far that in Mugen Tsukuyomi she dreamed of killing the man who brought her to the injured, although the permanent scars always remind her of her past.[7]

One day Orochimaru saved her from being sold for her special abilities, which is why she always remains loyal to him.[8] He took her afterwards and since then she has lived in Otogakure, where she is involved in the experiments on Juugo and Suigetsu, among other things.
However, she also had to serve as a healer there and let herself be bitten, which lasted for several years. It was not until she was around 16 years old that she was given the job of guarding a hiding place, which meant that she would no longer be used as a healer. From that day on, Karin never had to be bitten against her will again and only let Sasuke bite her of her own free will.

The Chunin selection test

She and her team take part in the Chunin selection test in Konohagakure, in which Team 7 also takes part. She manages the first part of the exam with her entire team. During the trial in the forest of death, however, she is separated from her comrades and is on her own. She is attacked by a huge bear. Just as he is about to eat her, Sasuke appears and kills him with a Shishi Rendan. This is the moment when Karin and Sasuke meet for the first time. Sasuke does not attack her because Karin has the earth scroll, but Sasuke needs the sky scroll. With the words "see you then" he leaves her in the forest.

After Orochimaru's death

After she has joined Orochimaru, whom she valued for her special skills, she takes over the management of his southern hiding place at an unspecified point in time, which is in the sea and is a kind of prison island. She seems to need little or no guards, as she can easily track down any prisoner with her Hiden, which makes an escape virtually impossible. After learning of his death in the fight against Sasuke, she initially refuses to give up the hiding place and to join Team Hebi, as she still feels obliged to Orochimaru. However, her love for Sasuke is stronger and she also joins the team. In Orochimaru's northern hiding place, she helps track down Juugo, who also joins the group. The team immediately starts looking for Itachi, but is also followed by the eight-man team from Konoha, which on the one hand wants to find and catch Sasuke, but also Itachi and is also searched for by Deidara and Tobi, both of whom are either Naruto or want to catch, or kill, Sasuke. Here she is of great use with her hiding, as she can accurately predict the movements of the team and thus makes tracking difficult. However, Sasuke must first stand against Deidara, but manages to survive his suicide attack. When Itachi finally reveals itself and suggests the old hiding place of the Uchiha clan as a battleground, Sasuke goes there alone and defeats his brother in battle. During the fight, she stays behind with the rest of the team, as Sasuke wants to fight alone and Kisame Hoshigaki does not allow any interference on her part.

Fight against the eight-tailed man

After his victory over Itachi, Sasuke is immediately visited by Tobi and brought to safety from the approaching eight-man team. In one of his hiding places, he treats him and tells him the true story of Itachi and the extermination of the Uchiha clan. Deeply shaken by the truth, he wins his Mangekyou Sharingan and decides to rename his team to the name Taka and punish those who he believes are guilty of the death of his brother and the annihilation of his clan: the elders of Konoha and the village yourself. To this end, he allies himself with his team with Akatsuki and is commissioned by Tobi to procure the Hachibi. After they have tracked him down, the fight begins against his Jinchuuriki Killer B, who turns out to be an overpowering opponent for their three teammates. Karin holds back largely and limits her participation to the localization of the opponent. When Sasuke is seriously injured by Killer B, she heals him by letting him bite her arm and thus transferring her chakra to him, which has great healing power. After Killer B completely transforms into the Hachibi, the team wants to withdraw, but Karin is too exhausted from the healing of Sasuke and is almost killed by Killer B. Sasuke just manages to save her with Chidori Eisou and Amaterasu, whereupon they apparently take the defeated killer B prisoner. Thereupon they declare their deal with Akatsuki fulfilled and now they want to go to Konoha to destroy the village, which Sasuke still blames for the decline of his clan. However, they are caught again by Tobi and Zetsu, who reveal to them that Killer B has outsmarted them and is still at liberty. But they should not pursue the Hachibi any further, but infiltrate the meeting of the Kage, since Tobi has already commissioned Kisame to get Bees.

Meet the Kage and hunt Danzou

When Sasuke wants to meet the Kage to kill Danzou Shimura in revenge, Karin helps him by trying to track down Danzou's chakra. However, Zetsu reveals her position and she has to hide her chakra, while Sasuke, Suigetsu and Juugo fight against A, Darui, C, Gaara, Temari and Kankurou, which is why she can no longer locate Danzou, whereupon Danzou soon takes flight. After Sasuke brings down the ceiling with his Susano'o, he saves Karin, but only so that she can lead him to Danzou and refuses to save his two comrades, although Karin points out that they are still alive. She also keeps out of the fight against Mei. After Sasuke is almost killed by Oonoki, Karin heals Sasuke in the other dimension, to which both have been teleported.

Tobi brings both of them out of this world after he caught up with Danzou on the way back to Konoha and eliminated his companions Fuu Yamanaka and Torune Aburame. Sasuke now attacks the remaining Danzou. During the fight, Karin constantly analyzes Danzou's movements and jutsus, including excluding a gene jutsu that could explain Danzou's miraculous resurrections. She also observes that a Sharingan eye always closes on Danzou's modified arm after it reappears in another place unharmed after an actually fatal attack. After Danzou uses a mokuton jutsu to defend against an arrow Susano'os, however, she finds out that Danzou can only have his Izanagi activated for a certain period of time and discovers when and how he reactivated it.

After the fight seems to be decided in Sasuke's favor and Karin heals him again, Danzou takes her hostage and uses her as a protective shield against Sasuke. However, he pierced Danzou without much hesitation and thus also Karin with his Chidori Eisou, on the grounds that she had become a burden the moment she became a hostage. After this attack, Danzou lets go of her and she goes down. Tobi advises Sasuke to think about whether he still has a use for her and otherwise kill her because she knows too much about Akatsuki. Shortly before Karin was sure of her death, her last wish was to see Sasuke's face again. Sasuke wants to kill her, but suddenly Sakura appears and stops him. After Kakashi and Naruto appear, Sakura takes care of Karin. She is now quite sure that the Sasuke she fell in love with no longer exists. After Sasuke and Tobi withdraw, Team Kakashi takes Karin with them to Konohagakure. There she is interrogated by Ibiki Morino, to whom she first serves an unbelievable story in which Sasuke forced her to do everything. But since only one Ibiki partner falls for it and no one else, Karin is ready to testify if she gets something to eat.

Fourth Shinobi World War

During her imprisonment in Konoha, she manages to distract the guards so that she can successfully use the escape tools hidden in the portrait of Sasuke. She tracks down Sasuke and catches a fleeing Suigetsu in a fit of rage. She is torn as to whether she should forgive Sasuke or not. After Sasuke apologizes to her and Orochimaru recommends her to rejoin her group, she can no longer help but forgive him very quickly and languishes at him again immediately. Karin, Orochimaru and Suigetsu set out to take care of the five Kage. Arriving at the wounded tsunade, Karin, after a discussion with Suigetsu and Orochimaru's orders, lets her bite her to close her wounds and, with the help of Suigetsu Tsunade, bring the two halves of her body back together. After Tsunade regains his strength, Karin, Orochimaru and Suigetsu make their way to the battlefield, while Tsunade is supposed to let the other Kage recover. Once on the battlefield, Karin's first thoughts are with Sasuke and Suigetsu has to remind her that she is supposed to help heal the Alliance's shinobi. After she plunged into battle - contrary to her position as a medicine ninja - she was, like most of the other ninja of the Alliance, trapped in MadarasMugen Tsukuyomi.

Naruto Gaiden

After the war, she settled in one of Orochimaru's hiding spots and helped Sakura Haruno deliver Sarada. She kept the umbilical cord as a souvenir and is in another hiding place at the time that Sarada learns about her from Suigetsu's help. Karin Sarada first noticed when she was standing next to her father in a photo. After a genetic test, because of which Sarada mistakenly believed Karin was her birth mother, Karin Suigetsu compresses and wants him to apologize to the girl for the confusion.

Techniques and special skills

Karin is called useful by Obito thanks to her special skills. As Uzumaki-Kunoichi, she has special abilities, which aroused Orochimaru's interest and prompted him to carry out several experiments on her. Apart from her chakra and good sense of recognition, she seems to be a rather weak Kunoichi, as she usually hides or retains herself during fights and does not become active or resist any of her opponents. In addition, as a medicine ninja, she always has to ensure that she remains able to heal her comrades. Only for Sasuke does she dare to actively intervene in fights. During the fourth Shinobi World War, she was able to prove her real courage. Karin demonstrated that she is able to use a high level nin-jutsu as she can create chains of chakras that can even keep the kyuubi under control for a period of time. So she fought against Guruguru and managed to partially destroy his Mokuton creature, which Juugo, Suigetsu and Orochimaru were deeply impressed by.