Who is the best copywriter

What if you had the most successful sales copy ever for your company?

Part 2 of "The most successful sales text of all time"

In part 1 of this series did you learn that the best Sales text all time sales of $ 2 billion has achieved. We're talking about the sales letter for the Wall Street Journal penned by copywriter Martin Conroy.

The simple secret: They had one Seller on paper, who worked day and night, who was always approachable, who spoke to the customer's heart because it was built up with storytelling.

Now i ask YOU: How much would it be worth to you to have such a salesperson?

If you've traded securities before, you know what it is all about. On the return. The higher the return, the more lucrative the security. Strong text is like good security. It brings you a high return. And permanently.

Imagine you've managed to bring a steady stream of visitors to your website. You have steady traffic. At first this is wonderful. And then you notice that the visitors only stay for a short time and then immediately disappear again. That's the SUPER-GAU! And that is common practice on many websites. over 90 % of all websites do not sell!


WHY Are you unable to turn visitors into buyers?

Because your sales texts, especially the text on the home page, do not develop any magical attraction. Because the visitor does not immediately understand what benefits he will find here. Because you're not making him an irresistible offer.

What if you had text like the most successful sales copy ever on your website? I am absolutely certain that it would turn anyone who is halfway interested into a buyer. And your website would be one Gold mine? That magically attracts customers.

With a good sales copy you turn leads into customers, with a bad sales copy you burn your leads and destroy valuable contact data.


Your offer must be in the mind of your CUSTOMER!

Sales text in the head!

A good copywriter knows how to get your message into your client's head. In such a way that it arrives and is noticed. The good copywriter has the right tricks at hand:

  • He allows the customer a "I have to have that! ”- feeling grow. A feeling that will only let him sleep soundly again once he has received it.
  • He cleverly addresses the customer's doubts and does not sweep them under the rug. This alone increases the response rate up to 30 %.
  • He allies himself with that Subconscious of the customer and defends himself against purchase resistance, which comes along as rational arguments.
  • He formulates one hypnotic headlinethat pulls the reader into the text like a very strong magnet.

CONCLUSION: A good one Sales text can bring a lot of sales to your company!

And now? Curious about such a sales text? Contact me!

Image rights: Daniel Stricker - pixelio.de

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Günter W. Heini has been helping small and medium-sized customers to achieve more growth for over 25 years. He worked in international sales and marketing for over 20 years. For a Japanese world market leader, he built up a functioning sales network in Eastern Europe as far as Central Asia and ensured an increase in sales from 8 to 14 million euros. Today he works as a freelance sales and advertising copywriter and sales consultant. With his experience he helps to optimize the marketing and sales processes of his customers. He organized large trade fairs, created brochures, wrote press releases and specialist articles and ensured that the products were continuously marketed with international PR work. His passion is sales. He has been working as a freelance sales and advertising copywriter and sales coach for 6 years. And helps small and medium-sized companies to communicate better and more clearly. With the aim of selling more easily, simply and successfully. So that entrepreneurs have more freedom for the important things in life. He writes high-conversion sales and advertising texts for his clients for landing pages, websites, mailings, brochures, case studies and white papers and designs high-turnover sales and marketing strategies.