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Logo Trends 2021. What can we expect?

What does logo design bring in 2021 and what is left of it in 2022?

Year after year, new logo design trends appear on the agenda. What trends can we expect in 2021?

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For many years I have been regularly dealing with the latest trends in logo design. This year, too, I would like to give you an outlook on the expected trends in logo and brand images. Where the journey will go in 2021 and what may still be left of it in 2022, I will show you using the following six examples. Here we go:

1. Loud colors and flowing transitions

A shock for all minimalists: the gradients are back. Even more so, the loud colors (also called glow schemes) as you could already find in many web design trends in 2020, join them. These glowing gradients work best with bright colors. Red, yellow, blue and green can be anything, just not themselves. In 2021, the glowing truth will always be in the upper, right-hand third of your color palette. Namely, always exactly where the color begins to shine. It works best as a duotone combination.

My assessment: 2022 will not see this trend.

If the bright colors were not enough for you, you will get your money's worth now: The minimalist representation of emojis in logo design will be the bestseller in 2021. And be careful: If you think this is all too kitschy, let me tell you that the Museum of Modern Art in New York dedicated its own exhibition to emojis in 2017. Works best as a framed and holistic logo element.

My assessment: this is more than a trend. Minimalist emojis in logo design will be with us beyond 2021.

You already guessed it: in 2021 everything will be even shorter and even more minimalist. A wave of "one-word statups" is now consequently followed by the design and the matching logos. Even if the word mark in itself is nothing new, the graphic design in which we are moving away from the symbolism towards (or rather back) to the word mark is definitely a trend that will continue in 2021.

My assessment: A trend that keeps coming up, but never really goes away. Anyone who opts for word mark logos is actually always correct.

Not entirely new either. A trend that brings itself back into conversation every few years is the negative logos. Word and figurative marks that complement each other by being allowed to “stand in the way” of each other with the help of individual elements and areas. This creates completely new perspectives and ultimately completely different logos, which can often be very timeless. Works best with the word marks above.

My assessment: Will be here for a long time to come.

Strongly personalized logos are the hot trend for 2021. But be careful: The new mascot also wants to be lived and once you have decided on a character logo, you will in all likelihood want to use it consistently in all media. ReDesign work on a character logo has proven to be by far the most difficult task for the logo designer over the years. The strong personalization in particular arouses emotions and bonds in the owner.

My assessment: will certainly be with us beyond 2021.
Gladly longer.

Yes, broken texts. Logo designers do and like that. The deliberate dismemberment and removal of components of a word mark is another hot candidate for the Logo Design Trend 2021 Award. The more striking the font you choose and the clearer the company name, the more suitable this stimulus is for your logo. Looks very hip and modern.

My assessment: As it is with a lot of hip things, there is little that lasts here. In 2022 we will see whole texts / word marks again.