How many types of goth are there

What are the Gothic styles?

As you have probably already noticed while reading the Gothic article, there is not just one direction of Gothic styles. There are a few more. And that's why we're going to present the different styles here on
Since there are many, let's start today with the Cyber ​​Goths, the Victorian Goths and the Fetish Goths.

The Cyber ​​Goth

So the Cyber ​​Goth is probably the most colorful bird among the Gothic styles. Cyber ​​Goths mainly wear bright neon colors in combination with fur. They adore the future and also the technology.

Cyber ​​Goths also have the typical Cyberlox in their hair and the welding goggles with neon-colored glasses are typical of this Gothic style.

Their music style is called Electronic Body Music, or EBM.

The Victorian Goth

As the name suggests, this Gothic style is based on the Victorian era. Fashion in particular is precisely in keeping with this time. The ladies' dresses are very unusual due to their hoop skirts and the Sirs are classy and chic.

The women also like to have compartments as accessories and the men a classy walking stick.

The fetish goth

Ever since leather, chains and nets have been worn in the Gothic scene. The term bondage also plays a big role in this scene. Furthermore, piercings, tattoos and other body modifications are very common at Fetish Goths.

Furthermore, gas masks or collars with leashes are also used in this Gothic style.

Part 1 of the Gothic Styles

That was the first part of the Gothic Styles series. Since there are quite a few different you have to be patient until I can describe everything, otherwise I could write a book here;).

In the next few weeks the other Gothic styles will be presented here, so stay tuned and read on.