How can the green lantern beat Superman

Superman trilogy delays Justice League & Batman

At DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. there is disagreement about the future of their superhero films. Those in charge are currently waiting eagerly to see how Man of Steel will fare at the box office around the world from mid-June 2013. As Screen Rant reports, the result could be essential for all further planning. According to current assessments, the schedule for the targeted The Justice League Part One film and the Untitled Batman Reboot reboot are about to change.

If the new Superman edition by Zack Snyder proves to be a box office magnet, the meeting of the Justice League is likely to be postponed for years. In the following, two sequels to Man of Steel would have the highest priority, whereby all other projects would be postponed. That could also affect the new edition of Batman. As sources from Batman On Film speculate, the return of the Dark Knight would also be a long time coming in the course of a Superman trilogy.

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If Superman [Man of Steel] is going to be a huge hit, then they [the studio] have bought some time and can spend the next seven or eight years on the franchise. The need for Batman won't be that strong and the franchise re-edition can wait until after the Superman trilogy., an anonymous source commented on the potential impact of Man of Steel.

Although Batman's return is likely to drag on until 2020, fans of the Justice League movie are hit even harder. According to rumors, the superhero gathering à la Marvel’s The Avengers currently has less priority than the individual projects. The future of the Justice League is therefore more than uncertain. Not for the first time such a meeting of the DC heroes would dissolve into smoke and mirrors. A few years ago, George Miller took on the undertaking, but failed in advance.

Which film would you have priority for you? Man of Steel 2, the Batman reboot or the Justice League flick?