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How do you become a pilot?

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The pilot as a job seems to be desirable for many people. The freedom above the clouds attracts and fascinates. But how do you become a pilot? What kind of skills should one have? What are the options?

The job description

Before we answer the question “How do you become a pilot? “, We first come to the job description of a pilot. Commercial pilots have one great responsibilityregardless of whether you work in civil aviation or in the military. You are responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly during the flight and are therefore also responsible for other human lives. So you are a big bearer of responsibility in your daily professional life. It is inevitable that dangerous situations also arise during the flight. In these, the pilot must use the keep Calm, the take control and Make the right decisions in the shortest possible time. The profession is therefore not to be underestimated, because it demands both mental as well as physical high performance and is often stressful.

Before departure for pilots it is part of it all necessary information catch up and control. This includes the weather data, the flight documents, as well as the calculation of the fuel required and the estimated flight time. also check Also check the machine for visible damage from the outside before the start of the flight checkwhether all devices are working in the cockpit.

In the cockpit themselves are pilots of cutting edge technology which is very complex. The cockpit is practically a highly technical one Control center from computers and electronics. During the flight they are Processes to a great extent automated, but they still have to controlled become. The communication with the tower and the co-pilot is also one of the tasks of pilots during the flight. According to their information, it is still important to correct the systems accordingly. In the dicey situations mentioned, however, professional pilots have to take control and make decisions quickly.

After the flight must this post-processed become. This also includes archiving the actual data on consumption and flight. Pilots are therefore not only responsible, but also decision-makers and managers.

Possible fields of work for pilots, on the one hand there are airlines in scheduled air traffic, i.e. civil aviation. In addition, pilots can also be used in ambulance transports, as well as in the armed forces and also in flight schools.

Going further, one should note that pilots, of course traveling a lot are. Especially pilots in civil aviation are often located in different time zones, which means the Sleep and biorhythms can disturb and confuse. In addition, pilots often spend the night where they just landed and not at home, especially on long-haul flights. Also the working hours are therefore often irregular, sometimes starting early in the morning, sometimes late in the evening. Being on the go has of course the advantage that you travel to many places in the world. Sometimes there is enough time to take a look at the cities you are in. However, this is not always the case, then it goes from the airport to the hotel and from there directly back to the airport.

The tasks and activities of a pilot are therefore diverse. But how do you become a pilot?

How do you become a pilot?

You should bring that with you

If you answer the question “How do you become a pilot? “If you want to answer, you should first look at the personal requirements that a pilot should bring with him. In the job of a pilot, it is particularly important to have a good ability to concentrate and react to own. Besides is also Nerve strength indispensable in order to be able to remain calm in tricky situations and to be able to make the right decisions quickly. Therefore also belongs Decisiveness about the qualities that pilots should have. In addition, pilots should accuracy bring along, as well as Prudence, reliability and a good grasp. Also punctuality and honesty are things that should be brought along as well as spatial imagination.

In order to be able to work well with an often changing team, it is also important to have good ones social skills bring with you. These include Ability to work in a team or team spirit, but also a certain Critical ability and Assertiveness.

As already described, as a pilot you have to deal with a large number of technical devices in the cockpit. That's why it is technical understanding important to be able to become a pilot, as well as an interest in mathematics and physics.

Prospective pilots must go further physically fit be and Perseverance have. But also one good mental health is important for aspiring pilots, as well Multiple resilience.

In principle, there are no statutory minimum requirements with regard to the school-leaving qualification achieved. With many airlines, however, this is the General University Entrance Qualification, so the Abitur, compulsory. They are also (very) good German and English skills important.

The training path

To answer the question “How do you become a pilot? “To answer in conclusion, it will now be examined which training paths are available to achieve this goal. Regardless of which opportunity you use to become a pilot, it usually starts with Aptitude tests. This also includes a medical airworthiness examination. Generally speaking, the training to the pilot 2 years lasts. This can be done at the armed forces, one Flight school or even one private airline to be completed. On top of that, there is also that Studies in Aviation Management and Piloting or Aviation Systems Technology and Management (ILST). This enables pilot training and also allows you to take on senior posts in the aviation industry.

Going further, it is generally the case that it different licenses there that can be acquired. In the Professional pilot license (CPL-A) it is so that you can control smaller aircraft with this, as well as being a co-pilot in larger aircraft. who the Traffic pilot license (ATPL-A) buys, on the other hand, is allowed to control large passenger and cargo planes as a captain, i.e. as the person primarily responsible. If you want to fly a helicopter, you have to Professional helicopter pilot license (CPL-H) acquire. In addition, you need a type rating for certain aircraft, which can be acquired through further training specifically for the aircraft type.

The most common way to become a pilot is Training with an airline. Here you usually need the general university entrance qualification. You should also have (very) good math, English and physics skills. In order to be able to start training with an airline, you first have to be tough Aptitude and recruitment tests be passed. Knowledge from many different areas is queried and medical suitability is determined. Good preparation increases the chances of passing this test. If you have cleared this hurdle, it is there Training based on theory and practice and takes about 2 years and is demanding. A lot of material has to be learned and the practical flight lessons are also important.

It looks similar with the private flight schools out. The training is based on that of major airlines.

In any case, the training to become a pilot expensiveregardless of whether it is carried out privately or with an airline. You should be aware of this and find out about financing options.

If you have successfully mastered the training and acquired one of the flight licenses, you can apply as a pilot. There Each pilot starts out as a co-pilot, even if the ATPL-A license was acquired. Only after a lot of professional experience and many flying hours is it possible to become a captain.

Conclusion - how do you become a pilot?

Do you ask yourself “How do you become a pilot? “So you have to know that the path to becoming a pilot is not easy. In any case, you have to go with higher costs reckon by different Financing options must / can be paid. Those who want to complete their training with an airline also have to be tough Selection process survive. The training itself lasts approximately 2 years and includes theoretical and practical units. Also a special one Education is conceivable to become a pilot. Anyone who wants to control large machines as the main person responsible at some point must acquire the ATPL-A license. If you only want to control smaller machines or want to work as a co-pilot in larger machines, the CPL-A license is sufficient. The license for helicopters is the CPL-H. After successful training start Pilots as co-pilots. With the appropriate license it will be after a few years possible to become a captain. As a pilot you take on a lot of responsibility, you have to make decisions, be able to react quickly and you are a kind of manager. For many, the job is very desirable, but the psychological and physical stress should not be ignored if one is interested in this job. Also is a Alternative planmakes sense, because the industry is often subject to great fluctuations.

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